A just verdict for acts of abusing freedom of speech


           At 8:00 am on March, 4th, 2014, The People's Court of Da Nang city opened the trial to judge blogger Truong Duy Nhat for “abusing democratic rights and freedoms to infringe the interests of the State and the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens” according to the provisions of Paragraph 2, Article 258 in the Criminal Laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
        Truong Duy Nhat used to be a student of Literature in Hue university and a former reporter of the newspaper of Da Nang’s public security and later transferred to be a reporter of Dai Doan Ket newspaper. Through website truongduynhat.vn (called "Truong Duy Nhat/A different perspective") and a number of other personal blogs, Truong Duy Nhat has published over 1000 articles and a number of articles and comments of others. Of these, 11 articles written by Truong Duy Nhat and 01 by Nguyen Duong were posted on the website such as the articles "Inside and outside the Party", "Scoring Prime Minister", "Scoring the Atomic Four", "Why only football", "Football and the Party", "The incompetence of the government", "the General Secretary and the Prime Minister should quit"... These articles was not true, just falsely propagandized and distorted the policies of the Party and the State laws, defamed leadership of the Party and the State, spread pessimistic views causing panic anxiety and undermining the people’s confidence in the leadership of the country.
        With those charges above, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison by the People's Court of Da Nang city (from the date of arrest May, 26th, 2013). It is absolutely a propriate verdict, expressing strictness of the laws and the pardon of the State. However, before, during and after the trial, individuals and organizations, in the name of the “so-called democracy”, have tried to propagandize in an effort to free unreasonably blogger Truong Duy Nhat, distort and accuse the Vietnam gorvenment and the Communist Party of Vietnam of  arresting and trying person who’s just practised "the freedom of speech” and call for human rights monitoring organizations like Human Rights Watch, the U.S embassy in Vietnam voice against the trial. Along with that, the radio and newspapers such as RFA, VOA, BBC and the blog "democracy" like "Civil Society Forum" , "Huynh Ngoc Chenh", "Dan lam bao", "Xuan Dien Han Nom"... have published articles to propagandize and distort the case and give false information and images surrounding the trial. As typically, they said on the blog that there was about 200 to 300 people gathering in front the Court in Da Nang to call supports for Truong Duy Nhat, put pressure on the government, but, in fact, there was just only a few "democratic seeds" counting on the fingers as bloggers Me Nam, Huynh Ngoc Chenh, Pham Xuan Nguyen, Thai Ba Loi, Le Thi Phuong Anh...
        Besides, as the counsel for the defence Truong Duy Nhat, the appearance of lawyer Mr. Tran Vu Hai – who is widely known for activities of inciting the mass to participate in demonstrations and acts causing insecurities and turbulence like incidents in Van Giang - Hung Yen and Tien Lang - Hai Phong further made the trial “hotter”. Before the trial, Tran Vu Hai had posted on the blog the full text to plead for Truong Duy Nhat with 7 pages of A4-size paper to distort the truth and make irrational proposals.    

        Acting like a reporter and a well-educated person, Truong Duy Nhat should realize that acts of writing and posting articles, comments with misleading and false information to defame leaders of the Party and the State on their websites, blogs have violated the laws, and the sentence for him is reasonable. This is also a lesson for bloggers and journalists in doing business of writting and publishing their articles, do not being drawn into anti-government activities because of political innocence to violate and damage the national interests of the country and the people./.
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Huy Quốc 21/3/14 21:24
Nhận xét này đã bị tác giả xóa.
Huy Quốc 21/3/14 21:29

I don't understand what this man thought, he must know what he has done cause damages to national interests, not just the State and the Party.

Vân Nhàn 21/3/14 21:32

Maybe he was blinded by benefits that foreign elements have promised.

Quân Hoàng 21/3/14 21:35

Now, there are many websites, blogs,... with diverse information, so that we should chose which ones are reliable, which are not.

Hoàng Lân 21/3/14 21:37

Yes, don't let yourself be foolish!

Hùng Quân 21/3/14 21:41

Many hostile forces want to incite people to protest agianst the Party and the State. They have taken advantages of our government's shortcomings to defame and distort our revolutionary path. That's so anxious!

Lê Tín 21/3/14 21:47

Not just reactionary elements but even foreign communication organizations have launched many activities to undermine our people's solidarity.

Phạm Hiếu 21/3/14 21:51

I can't understand what VOA, BBC have done here, they should take care their own country's matters before interfering in ours.

Huy Lâm 21/3/14 21:55

Truong Duy Nhat and others persons like him are just "political cards" of foreign forces who want to change our political system, they are so pathetic!

Quốc Kiên 21/3/14 21:58

These men, they call themselves democratic activists but they even don't fully understand what democracy is, so hilarious

Quốc Cường 21/3/14 22:02

Foreign powers and organizations just grant themselves rights to impose their standards of democracy upon others while they don't understand anything about them.

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