Beware of Trinh Hoi and VOICE - A branch of terrorist Viettan


Recently, several anti-governmental individuals have established series of illegal groups and organizations in the name of civil society such as Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam, League of Independent Vietnamese Writers, the Network of Vietnamese Bloggers, Association of Bau Bi Tuong Than coordinated by Le Thi Cong Nhan, Vietnamese Women for Human Rights coordinated by Huynh Thuc Vi, Brotherhood for Democracy coordinated by Nguyen Van Dai, Vietnamese Political & Religiuos Prisoners Friendship Association coordinated by Nguyen Bac Truyen, Former Vietnamese Prisoners of Conscience coordinated by Pham Ba Hai,… All these groups and organizations are born to oppose the Party and State of Vietnam. They try to abuse complicated and sensitive matters to distort the Party and State’s policies.
 Rising from these groups, VOICE - an organization led by Trinh Hoi have showed many activities that go against common interests of Vietnam. So, who are Trinh Hoi and VOICE? Let find out with us.
 From his introduction, we can see Trinh Hoi has a shiny CV (curriculum vitae) with a dream job, lawyer and has worked as an actor which for that he was awarded the Gold Kite  prize of excellent main actor by the Vietnam Cinema Association, and it’s minded that he also was former son-in-law of general Nguyen Cao Ky, Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s husband.
 Trinh Hoi was born in 1970 in Ho Chi Minh city. At the age of 15, he left Vietnam like other Vietnamese people at this time to earn themselves a better life and came to Australia. In abroad, he has taken part and conducted many activities with anti-Vietnam forces, including Viettan, a known terrorist organization.
 In 2008, he cried out he was summoned by Vietnam’s security authorities about his involvement with Hoang Tu Duy - a spokesman of terrorist organization Viettan and was forbidden to enter the country.  
 Though there are not much information about this man, we still can see his true face by the act of using Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s email address, after divorce, to spread articles denoucing the government inside and outside the country and inciting protests and violence. Those articles had been sent to many forums and email addresses that shocked many people about Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s aggressive attitude. It took her time and efforts to explain these allegations.
 According to anti-Viettan elements abroad, after being forbidden to come back Vietnam, Trinh Hoi has held many activities against the Party and State of Vietnam in the name of Viettan. For years ago, Trinh Hoi was a member of Len duong International Vietnamese Youth in Australia, a franchise of Viettan, which has nurtured some so-called member of Viettan central committee. Even, Trinh Hoi always insists that he is not a member of Viettan, (a common characteristic of members of Viettan to avoid being boycotted by overseas Vietnamese who don’t want to engage with this terrorist organization), but through all his activities we can draw an obvious answer for ourselves.
 About VOICE, established in 2007, which Trinh Hoi is a founder and a director for the Philippines’ franchise, which Viettan built up to collect fund from naïve people and many kinds of Western funds of democracy and human rights. VOICE stands for "Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment", an organization that disguise as a charity one to conduct activities against the State and people of Vietnam. VOICE has launched many training courses to create elements for anti-government campaigns.
 Particularly, VOICE branch in Philippines, which led by Trinh Hoi, is claimed working to assist last Vietnamese boatmen with resettlements in Canada, and to support victims in Haiyan storm. But, the truth is he and his organization are trying to collect money for their activities against Vietnam.
 It is said that with broad range of alleged charity activities, Trinh Hoi and VOICE have used their names just to raise fund for Viettan. For example, to operations of training elements for civil society movements, each year, VOICE has received a proper amount of money from National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Human Rights Watch. But with all these budget, VOICE just can find enough individuals for their cources, so they have to use same trainees over and over.
 So, while seeing Viettan as a terrorist organization against the State and people of Vietnam, through their complicity, it’s time for us to exclude VOICE from civil society organizations and name them as a terrorist branch, and they must be condemned!./.
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LawrenceSamuels 1/12/15 21:21

I don’t think Trinh Hoi is a patriot, we should be aware of the true face of him and his organization Voice.

Love Peace 1/12/15 21:22

Oh, I have heard a lot about Viettan and VOICE, and now, about Trinh Hoi, a man who has taken advantage of his people.

yobro yobro 1/12/15 21:23

Don’t be naïve, let be aware of individuals like him!

John Smith 1/12/15 21:24

I am so worried that there are now many anti-Vietnam organizations like VOICE and Trinh Hoi.

Only Solidar 1/12/15 21:25

People should be concious about Trinh Hoi’s and VOICE’s schemes and activities against the Party and State of Vietnam.

Jane smartnic 1/12/15 21:25

There are now many reactionary organizations like VOICE and elenments like Trinh Hoi, the important thing is that people’s awareness.

Deck Hero14 1/12/15 21:26

Yeah, we don’t listen and follow any activities like these.

Gentle Moon 1/12/15 21:27

In my opinions, the government should conduct good policies to create good environment for people to show their opinions.

Pack Cassiopian 1/12/15 21:29

Vietnam now has issued many policies to practice human rights and freedom of people.

MaskOf Zero 1/12/15 21:31

I have seen many individuals and organizations like Trinh Hoi and VOICE, and I don’t see any positive things about them, they’ve just tried to benefit themselves from others.

Funny Day 3/12/15 06:13

VOICE is actually a branch of "Viet Tan" that has been seen as a terrorist organization

Williams Melanie 3/12/15 06:17

everyone knows that it has carried out activities against the State and Party of Vietnam for it's interest

Davis Caroline 3/12/15 06:25

those like Trịnh Hoi betrayed the Motherland where they were borned and raised . It's unacceptable

Anthony Jones 3/12/15 06:28

that's right for anyone the Motherland is sacred. all of us should think about it and make contributions to the building and defense of the country

Thompson Catherine 3/12/15 06:31

we should expose the evil nature and profiteering intentions of Trinh Hoi and Voice

Unknown 17/2/16 10:01

Only those who stupid enough to believed in such an article...Viettan HQ located in CA, US. If they are really a true terrorist organization....would the US left then alone? I can tell this article was written by a communist.

Unknown 17/2/16 10:01

Only those who stupid enough to believed in such an article...Viettan HQ located in CA, US. If they are really a true terrorist organization....would the US left then alone? I can tell this article was written by a communist.

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