A double-tongued China

The trip by State Councilor of China Yang Jiechi to Vietnam attracted the attention of public opinion in both China and the world. Those who are peace loving and respect the historical truth have waited for a positive move from China through Yang Jiechi’s working visit, but in the end, was not as expected. The most obvious thing is that there is not a declaration of withdrawing rigs and ships off the coast of Vietnam by Mr. Yang Jiechi.
Moreover, the Chinese press also released distorting information about the meeting of the two sides. Typically, Xinhua, the official news agency of China made unjustified requests for Vietnam. According to Xinhua, the content of “Four NO” including: Do not underestimate the resolve and capability to protect China”s sovereignty over the islands in the South China Sea (East Sea); do not use materials that Vietnam purported “historical records” to mislead the international community and public opinion about Vietnam sovereignty over the Xisha, Nansha (Hoang Sa, Truong Sa); do not entice other countries to interfere in the South China Sea; do not demolish Vietnam-China relations after 20 years of normalized relations.
It is clear that China still does not have any changes after international opinion simultaneously condemns aggression despite international law when deployed the oil rig HD-981 and more than 100 vessels, including warships, in Vietnam's waters since the beginning of last May.
 Unwillingness of China also shows that, while Mr. Yang Jiechi was in Vietnam to attend meetings of the Steering Committee of the bilateral relations between Vietnam and China and exchange the issues in the South China Sea, China continued to move another rig in the South China Sea.
 And CPPCC member and Vice Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee legs were double-tongued while speaking on June 21 at the Third World Peace Forum Third World” hosted by Tsinghua University in Beijing, where China wanted through this forum to strengthen public diplomacy that Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan almost simultaneously turn “disputes” with China in the issue of Xisha (Paracel Island of Vietnam), South China Sea and the Senkaku island.
In fact, the actions of pirate, terrorism, colonialism ... in the South China Sea, which China is doing to Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines as an act of defying international law, all seriously violate sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of its neighbors, seriously violate the peace, security and stability in the region.
But in this forum, former U.S. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley criticized directly to China that: “The U.S. and China's neighbors will be naturally suspicious about China’s intentions to building a new type of relationship between major countries of China although China launched its interpretation”. Mr. Stephen Hadley declared: Those who say “America along with China's neighboring countries plagued China” is intentional (dark)”.
The historical lessons shown that we must listen to what hidden behind the China’s words, do not be gullible, do not be vague, let’s listen in a knowledgeable way and look at the actual actions from China to learn and behave properly to China.

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Phạm Hiếu 26/6/14 15:32

Against this background, we have seen the U.S. criticize China, express support for Vietnam, and shield the Philippine military.

Quốc Kiên 26/6/14 15:34

Those Chinese "Fisherman" are really poachers. They were caught hauling hundreds of endangered species, primary sea turtles, near the Philippines' coast!

Huy Lâm 26/6/14 15:35

China is a monster, promoting peace but stealing other's territory!

Quốc Cường 26/6/14 15:39

Citizen initiatives are “more authentic” and “more enduring,” unlike those of politicians who are “constrained” by personal interests.

Lê Tín 26/6/14 15:40

bye bye dumb azz and lying troll no one gives a rats azz about your insane rantings and threats stupidssssssssssssssssssssss

Quân Hoàng 26/6/14 15:45

China’s move is likely in retaliation for a law enacted by Vietnam’s parliament earlier in the month that asserts sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly islands, which of course, China says it owns.

Huy Quốc 26/6/14 15:46

I don’t think it will be war, per se. But Vietnam has shown that it’s not afraid of China, so I can see them sending out their navy, and I can see China shooting back at them.

Hoàng Lân 26/6/14 15:47

A far more dangerous confrontation could be shaping up outside the South China Sea, with an even older and better-armed rival.

Vân Nhàn 26/6/14 15:48

Venturing into the South China Sea could be seen as a provocative move not only by China.

Hùng Quân 26/6/14 15:50

A Chinese maps published by the Qing dynasty in 1904 found that Hainan Island is China's southernmost point, not two archipelagoes of paracel islands and spratly islands.

China invaded and took control paracel islands and spratly islands in 1974 and 1988.

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