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Facing the illegal HD-981 deployment of China in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam and its provocative moves in the South China Sea that made growing tensions, many international scholars continues expressing strong condemnation and confirms the support of international public opinion is an advantage of Vietnam before Beijing's illegal and unilateral actions.
In the article entitled “The price of unhonorable victory” by Ankit Panda in The Diplomat said that actions caused tensions in the South China Sea and East China Sea and led to consequences that this country is now increasingly isolated in the international arena. According to the author, instead of using any reasonable legal arguments to justify the claims, the Chinese government only cited few historical documents and dubious precedent to quibble for their claims. Most recently, this “eloquent words” were shown by China's representative at the 13th Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. “On the international political arena, the most important thing is to win by the prestige, honor and influence. In current trends, it is not too late for China to save the reputation in resolving disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea”, Ankit Panda wrote.
To evaluate China’s illegal placement of the oil rig HD-981 in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, Dr. Edward Miller at Dartmouth University of America said that China’s operations are not because of the economic purpose but political motivation. Beijing is using its dominance of the military to find ways to change the status quo in the South China Sea. However, the heavy price they must pay is the country's prestige in the international arena. “In terms of international public opinion, I believe that the support is intended to Vietnam. Looking at the actions of China in not only the South China Sea but also East China Sea have shown that Beijing is under pursuit of expansionist model on the sea that makes international community suspect China. Consequently, Vietnam is taking the advantage of enlisting the support of international to resolve conflicts”, Dr. Edward Miller said. According to this scholar, China will likely continue similar actions in the future, Vietnam needs to plan to cope with this situation. In addition to enlisting the support of international public opinion, Vietnam can take the necessary legal steps to resolve the disputes.
Sharing a common consideration, the Philstar Newspaper in Philippines quoted speech of Prof. Robbert Sutters at George Washington University (USA) that China has failed diplomatic efforts because China wants to persuade neighbors of peaceful rise while continuing unilateral aggression.
In an article posted on, a young author working in a Chinese media agency with pen name Bruce voiced criticism of China's views on South China Sea issue. According to the author, in history, China has never had exclusive fishing rights on the South China Sea. The Chinese dynasties have never approved regulations that only Chinese had fishing rights in the South China Sea and forbided fishermen in other coastal countries to catch fish in these waters. “The ancestors of the Chinese fishermen all lived in harmony, sharing resources with fishermen around the other countries. They have never said that this was exclusive territory. Is is necessary to keep an objective attitude, because if it is possible other countries in the South China Sea do not respect their national interests? If all the countries only respect own interests of themselves, not respect and abide by international law, do not care about the interests of others, the problem will be difficult to remove and increasingly more complex, even lead to conflict”, this author analyzed.

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Phạm Hiếu 13/6/14 12:14

China’s deployment of the rig was provocative because the oil rig was accompanied by as many as 80 ships, including seven People’s Liberation Army Navy warships. These actions were not only highly dangerous, but caused injuries to the Vietnamese crew.

Quốc Kiên 13/6/14 12:16

China has adopted a position similar to Japan with regard to the Senkaku Islands by declaring there is no dispute with Vietnam.

Huy Lâm 13/6/14 12:19

China’s lack of clarity has led academic specialists and regional analysts to speculate about the possible legal basis of China’s claim

Quốc Cường 13/6/14 12:20

Clearly China’s placement of the oil rig and its 80 escorts in Block 143 constitutes a violation of international law.

Lê Tín 13/6/14 12:21

Analysts are divided on the motivations and objectives of China’s current bout of aggressiveness.

Hùng Quân 13/6/14 12:23

We are young Vietnamese peoples, we suggest to:

- Presidents and Prime Ministers of 11 Countries of Southeast Asia;
- Peoples of 11 Countries of Southeast Asia;
- All peoples of the world who loves the Peace;
- President and Asian Union;
- Secretary-General of the United Nations.
- President and Officers, The United Nations Atlas of the Oceans;

We need your support us to request:

"China has to moves an illegal HD981 drilling oil rig get out of Vietnam's Paracel legal sea
immediately! Stop attacking Vietnamese fisherman on our sea
anymore! Stop making a war! Because this is a bad treatment for the global peace!

Vân Nhàn 13/6/14 12:25

Vietnam never forgets and will oppose any abuses imposed on Vietnam by any countries. Any distortion of history or misleading interpretation or arguments on Vietnam's history and territorial sovereignty cannot cheat the Vietnamese on their way to the orientation the ancestors have instructed.

Hoàng Lân 13/6/14 12:28

China acted illegally and applied might-is-right logic. You robbed some islands of the others, then use this to claim some more other pieces.

Huy Quốc 13/6/14 12:31

With the given google map link i give you, can you validate your statement "The oil rig is about 100nm off Vietnamese coastlines" and "the nearest mainland coastline is 1,200nm+ away at Hainan Island"

here is the link:

Quân Hoàng 13/6/14 12:33

The sea where China positioned a giant oil rig is EEZ Water of Vietnam (base on United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea - UNCLOS 1982). That is not desputed area, China is trying to change
undesputed area to desputed area, aimed to realize China's ambition day by day.

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