Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance

                                            Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance Forces

Today, you and I, we shall find out some more information about Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance who are on their duty to confront with Chinese forces on the Vietnam’s territory – the East Sea. Despite the hardness of the weather and the threat posing by Chinese forces, the Vietnam fisheries resources surveillance are doing their utmost to protect our fishermen, contributing to protect Vietnam’s sovereignty.
The Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance Force made its debut on April 15 in the central city of Da Nang in the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. Operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s General Department of Fisheries, the force’s key tasks include patrolling the country’s waters, monitoring and inspecting fisheries activities as well as detecting and handling violations. It will also assist fishermen in their operation, protecting the country’s aquatic resources and contributing to ensuring and protecting the security, order and national sovereignty in the country’s sea areas. Formed under the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 102/2012/ND-CP dated November 29, 2012 and Decision No. 3285/QD-BNN-TCCB dated November 28, 2012, the force has its main headquarters in Hanoi and four sub-offices in different regions. The force’s formation is of great importance as it will ensure the execution of fisheries laws and regulations at sea, laying the foundation for the sustainable exploitation and protection of marine resources and assurance of safety for fishermen and their vessels. The MARD is required to direct the force to operate effectively in line with the national and international law, contributing to protecting national sovereignty, sovereignty rights and jurisdiction in the East Sea while realising international commitments that Vietnam has made.
In recent days, we’re delighted to know that Fisheries Surveillance Team No. 2 made its debut in a ceremony held in Vung Tau, a coastal city of the southern Vietnamese province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau on Thursday. The unit is managed by the Fisheries Surveillance Sub-Department of Zone 3, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The new team will operate in Vietnam’s waters from the south-central province of Binh Thuan to Bac Lieu, a Mekong Delta province.
In the context of China maintaining its illegal oil rig in Vietnam’s waters, the establishment of Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance is very important and necessary. It strengthens Vietnam’s appearance on the East Sea to oppose invasive acts from China. Chinese ships have aggressively sailed at high speed to repeatedly ram some Vietnamese ships.  Chinese aircraft have also flown low over the Vietnamese fisheries surveillance forces vessels dispatched to the area, in a bid to threaten them.  To make the issue worse, Chinese ships have fired water cannons into Vietnamese vessels, damaging them and injuring crew members. Up to date, China has rammed and damaged 24 Vietnamese coast guard and fisheries surveillance force vessels since it illegally positioned a giant oil rig in Vietnam’s territorial waters on May 2. According to the Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance Department, 12 fisheries surveillance officers were injured during the attacks on the 19 ships.
The Vietnamese fisheries surveillance forces have shown their effort, determination and braveness to stay with their colleagues and continue the fight against the Chinese ships. They have sets a good example to follow for those who are involved in the nation’s fisheries sector. And now fishermen can feel more protected when they go fishery on the sea with the protection of the Vietnamese fisheries surveillance forces.
Vietnamese all over the world are witnessing and following the the Vietnamese fisheries surveillance forces, we admire them a lot and shall support them as much as we can. I hope that in the near future, there are big and highly-modern vessels be built for Vietnamese coast guard and fisheries surveillance forces.
I want to say that we always with you, the Vietnamese fisheries surveillance forces.
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Quốc Cường 18/6/14 22:32

I love Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance, and I love what they are doing, they have gained all Vietnamese's admiration!

Huy Lâm 18/6/14 22:38

Vietnam Government should spend more money to make this forces stronger to confront with China forces on the East Sea. I saw on TV, Chinese vessels ram directly into our ship, that's inhumane action.

Phạm Hiếu 18/6/14 22:40

Recently, The Prime Minister has decided to invest 200 million USD in building four more large-scale vessels for the Fisheries Surveillance Force to allow them to better carry out their law enforcement missions in the country’s waters and supporting Vietnamese fishermen.

Quốc Kiên 18/6/14 22:44

That's a great news Pham Hieu, bravo our Party and State. They have had good policy for the country's development and protection.

Lê Tín 18/6/14 22:46

The ship, named KN-781, has a displacement of more than 2,000 tonnes, and is one of the largest patrol ships in the country. It will be handed over to the Fisheries Surveillance Force this month.

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