Political stability - Basis of peace and prosperity in Vietnam (Part 2 and end)


Refering to the role and position of political stability for socio-economic development in Vietnam when answering  the Voice of Vietnam, the French Doctor of economics Philippe Delalande confirmed that political stability was one of the indispensable elements which contributed for Vietnam to persevere economic development policy. It also create peace and prosperity for Vietnam. If looking at some countries in the region, it is easy to see that excepting Singapore, since 1990, most countries in the region have experienced political coups or crisis. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s politics has been stable, which is a guarantee for cohesion to carry out consistent economic policies. Dr. Philippe Delalande said: The success of the innovation in Vietnam was based on political stability.
We do not deny the existing limitations, weaknesses today. The limitations and weaknesses both in economic development, people’s living conditions; in building the Party, the political system construction and staff. All of them have been clearly and candidly raised by our Party. Recognizing the limitations and shortcomings of social life, the Party, the State and Congress have enacted a number of guidelines, policies and specific measures to fix. Officers and members violate the law at all levels are being investigated, promptly handled without exception. The complex economic cases were judged in public trial by authorities and they welcomed by the people. The degenerative, metabolic staffs who harassing people and abusing their positions for personal interests are appropriated disciplinary actions by committee and government at all levels. These above guidelines, solution shows a very high political determination of committees, governments at all levels; of the entire Party and the whole political system in removing, gradually limiting flaws and weaknesses affect the stability and development of society.
Well awaring of the position, role and importance of maintaining political stability; achievements and political determination of the Party in Party for individual officers, members, and each person to thoroughly  analyze facts, phenomenons occurred in social life and give resolution, appropriate treatments. Communist Party of Vietnam always encourage all classes of people to participate in building the Party, building a strong political system, actively fight and prevent violations of law, corruption. Facing each issue, each case, we will tenaciously fight in accordance with law, each person in society must set the highest goals of the comprehensive development of the country, for the nation’s benefit.
Our national history showed that, before the difficulties, it is by consent of the people under the leadership of the Party, the people of Vietnam made significant feats in all time. National traditions and beliefs of people in the leadership of the Party are powerful champion for the people of Vietnam to move forward. This has been confirmed through an assessment of the economic growth in 2014 by the Government as well as international economic organizations. According to the government, the economy continues to grow in 2014. In general, the first 9 months of 2014, economic growth reached 5.62%, higher than the same period in the previous 2 years; Convention both in 2014 is about 5.8%. Evaluation on the Government's statement is the same as stated earlier in the report of ADB, IMF, World Bank. According to this report, the economic growth target of Vietnam in 2014 estimated at 5.8%; while for many countries around the world, the growth targets are lowered than initially expected one. Which factors for Vietnam’s economy to overcome the difficulties in 2014 that the whole world is looking for measures to achieve that target? It is the result of the process of economic restructuring, by the Government. But the most solid foundation for the Government to make the economic restructuring good, manage flexibility of fiscal and monetary policy… that is stable politics. This is the assessment of many prestige political and economic organizations in the world when research on Vietnam.
Stable politics - the foundation for the development of the country, which everyone needs to take right actions. Stable politics can only be built on a solid foundation of people’s faith in the leadership of the Party; the management and administration of the State. Stable politics is also a “remedy” to effectively eradicate the bad “virus” of the hostile forces, political opportunism who spreading through the guise of “democracy”, “human rights”... in the strategy of “peaceful evolution” that they are aggressively implementing over time.

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