The truth about the "loyalty" of group 61

Currently, on the Internet has many ideas debating about the open letter of 61"loyal"  Party members sent to Politburo and Central Committee and the entire membership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. There are a lot of different ideas about the issue, supporting or objecting or even use this issue to do personal purpose.
As the letter was published just ahead of the Twelfth Congress of the Communist Party, "61 loyal Party members" had selected the most "reasonable” moment to represent their concern about social status, the fortunes of the Party, the future of the country’s political system.
I myself pay attention to the story of this letter and have read many articles by different authors, with different orientations. Especially, after reading about the article of Minh Tam about Doan Van Phuong one of 61 people who are supposed to sign the open letter. According to the article, Mr. Phuowng has not Party members, and do not know about this letter. Then, I had tried to learn more about the members of the group calling itself the "61 Party members loyal to the Party", according to information posted is living in Ho Chi Minh City and surprisingly while Mr Phuong is not the only case, and in this group there are many other cases like that. After some investigation, the group have 22 people living in Ho Chi Minh City, some of them have recently been popular online with their viewpoints opposing with the party’s policy and direction, joining many different open letters but having the same goal which is to want to demand the party to abandon the leadership, inciting protesters to destabilize social security as Kha Lương Ngãi, Hà Quang Vinh, Tương Lai, Lê Công Giàu, Hạ Đình Nguyên... More specifically, there is someone who had left the Party for a long time and no longer a party member anymore as Lữ Phương; or someone who have migrated abroad and haven’t engaged in any Party activities as Cao Lập, yet they are still claiming to be party members, as “loyal”party members.
Thus it’s clear that self-identified group has a lot of people who’re no longer the Party members or haven’t participated in the Party activities anymore, so what purpose of the group is to send an open letter? Is there truly for the Party, for the development of the country or there is a powerful force, a organization behind the group using the names of party members, "patriotism" to create a information chaos, sowing poisonous seeds of social unrest in ideology and security, to divide solidarity of the nation. More than 22 people in the group are living in Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of the group, the majority, is in Hanoi, are there any cases like Mr. Phuong in Ho Chi Minh city? It should to be investigated early for people to understand the true face of the self-proclaimed group of 61 “loyal” party members.
During the period that the entire Party and people are preparing for an important political activity, the twelfth Congress of the Party, besides the striving, determination of all party members and the Vietnamese people was an error choir beat of the so-called group 61, group 72, group human rights cafes, meeting democracy group, journalist team, independent writers... In the new name of opposing China, but in fact the real goal of these goup is against the creative, independent and sovereign foreign policy of the Party and State, and to abet the terrorist group “Viet Tan” and organizations in exile against the leadership of the Party, against the development country, to divide and destroy the unity of the party, as well as to undermine the trust of the people in the Party.
Each people have their own way to show patriotism, but the patriotism must be associated with the construction and protection of the country, do not use that sacred sentiments to conduct propaganda against the Party and State, to distort the truth, to create ambiguity, causing ideological distortions and bad public opinion. In the fight to build and protect the country, there are still groups or organizations like group 61, using the name for the nation, for the country or democracy to demand to do and say whatever they want, ignore the discipline of Party and the laws of the State. No matter what they have tried to say, the reality remains true measure of truth, and that the wheel of history will crush every obstacbles in the way of national development./.

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Quân Hoàng 15/11/14 20:57

Now there are so many group like this one. Always opposing the Party!

Huy Quốc 15/11/14 21:00

It's hard to understand their real goal in establishment of these groups, I don't think they're for the country.

Hoàng Lân 15/11/14 21:04

They sent the letter to demand the Party to step out and then who will lead the country? Did they think clearly?

Vân Nhàn 15/11/14 21:09

As loyal Party members we have a lot of ways to express our concern to the leaders of the Party.

Hùng Quân 15/11/14 21:14

The entire Party, State and Vietnamese people are trying to build and protect the country from many threat. So it's very important that all people are united following the leadership of the Party.

Quốc Cường 15/11/14 21:17

the group 61 and 72 or any group like this are under the control of bad forces.

Quốc Kiên 15/11/14 21:22

I agree with Mr Cuong, maybe there is Viettan

Huy Lâm 15/11/14 21:32

I think they should show their "patriotism" in helping the poor or the disable instead of demand unreasonable things

Lê Tín 15/11/14 21:38

that are the things they should do, Mr Lam

Phạm Hiếu 15/11/14 21:41

We should be together build the country by positive ways.

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