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Recently, the website called “Protect the human rights defenders” has posted an article about dialogue between a blogger and a US congresswoman Zoe Lofgren. The story revolved around the issue of “democracy and human rights in Vietnam” and they demanded for releasing prisoners which they called “conscience prisoners”. But when reading this article, we do not believe much in the content of conversation between two people because to some people who admit themselves “supporters for democracy” are in the U.S but they can draw what they imagined and no one can verify. They even do this work regularly. But it is supposed that the above story is true, we can discuss about some following issues:
Firstly, there is no so-called “conscience prisoners” in Vietnam for the US congresswomen should earnestly interested in that. In Vietnam, there are only offenders violating the law and were judged in court of justice. Those who under the pretence of “fighitng for democracy” against the State Socialist Republic of Vietnam, undermining national unity for an attempt to disrupt the country to “fish in troubled waters” then whether they are, they can not tolerate. If a country want to maintain stability and development, there must be strict laws as pillars. In the United States or any other country are also like that. Moreover, perhaps in all countries in the world, activities to ensure democratic rights of the people really are maintaining democratic rights in the framework of the law, no democracy beyond the law. If someone wishes and demands style of democracy and freedom above the law, or outside the law, this ancient people called it a “overdone democracy” and it has never accepted in the world.
Secondly, Mrs Zoe Lofgren (as mentioned in her exchange with blogger) is a politician and great understanding of US law. However in her story, we can see her identification, assessment, conclusions of issues related to politics, diplomacy very superficial and arbitrary. When you want to talk about serious issues such as institutions, legal system of a country, the ideology of humanity, the relationship of the country ... they have studied very thoroughly. Yet, only in a few moments to sit exchange with a blogger in a story that encapsulated less than thousand words, she quickly root out the stakes of their understanding of categories... How humorous it is!
From the two above problems we can conclude that the story of a blogger with Zoe just is flippant and the names of the “democracy defenders”. Those who think surely will never believe in such stories.

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Phạm Hiếu 28/11/14 15:19

I rejected exiles’ allegations about the mistreatment of dissidents and minorities.

Quốc Kiên 28/11/14 15:20

Vietnam has constantly striven for the liberation of the human being and for an equal, democratic and civilized society.

Huy Lâm 28/11/14 15:20

the Vietnamese nation has asserted that the most sacred and fundamental human rights are the rights to live in independence, freedom, to determine one's own destiny.

Huy Lâm 28/11/14 15:21

Vietnam should help the world public better understand the Vietnamese tradition in protecting and promoting human rights and the current human rights implementation in Vietnam.

Quân Hoàng 28/11/14 15:23

Vietnam should help the world public better understand the Vietnamese tradition in protecting and promoting human rights and the current human rights implementation in Vietnam.

Huy Quốc 28/11/14 15:27

Over thousands of years of national building and defense, the Vietnamese people have made untold sacrifices to gain the fundamental human rights, namely the right to live in independence and freedom, the right to food, clothing, housing, education and dignity.

Hoàng Lân 28/11/14 15:29

there had been improvement in some areas of civil and political rights, such as religious freedom.

Vân Nhàn 28/11/14 15:30

Vietnam is still victim of hostile activities like terrorism, sabotage, acts to destabilise the country and infringe upon national security and territorial integrity

Hùng Quân 28/11/14 15:31

We find it unfortunate that there have been unfounded reports, and reject allegations of ill will about democracy and human rights in Vietnam

Lê Tín 28/11/14 15:32

We only acknowledge shortcomings, including “wrongdoings” by some civil servants with a limited understanding of human rights, government is aware that challenges remain.

Quốc Cường 28/11/14 15:33

Hanoi had made achievements. Religious activities had increased and ethnic minorities are “participating in an increasingly equal manner in social and political life”.

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