Moving forwards for a bright future

With an aspiration for peace, the people of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam did everything to prevent a war ignited by the belligerent French colonialists who never stopped endeavouring to return to their colonial rule over Vietnam. From the French-Vietnamese Preliminary Agreement (March 6, 1946), the Preparatory Conference in Da Lat (from April 19 to May 11, 1946), the Fontainebleau Conference in France (from July 6 to September 10, 1946), the special diplomatic visit of President Ho Chi Minh to France at the invitation of the French Government that lasted over four months (from May 31 to October 20, 1946), to the Treaty on September 14, 1946, the Party and President Ho Chi Minh had demonstrated their vision and bravery in diplomatic efforts with leaders of the US, the USSR, China and France, among others, in order to protect the independence of Vietnam.
In response to the situation ‘enemies within and outside the country’, the strategy of the people’s comprehensive and long-term resistance war was quickly formed. The Directives entitled ‘War Resistance and National Construction’ on November 25, 1945, ‘Urgent Work For Immediate Completion’ on November 5, 1946, ‘Resistance War of All People’ on December 12, 1946 and President Ho Chi Minh’s Appeal for National Resistance on December 19, 1946 laid the theoretical foundation for urgently preparing for a long-term resistance with the consensus and support of the entire nation.
History will never forget the time when Hanoian families used old tea chests and mahogany beds as barricades to block the French tanks during the 60 fierce days and nights to protect the capital city. The spirit “We would rather sacrifice all than lose our country and be slaves” spread over all cities, villages and towns, over every heart that looked towards President Ho and the revolutionary government, and continued to demonstrate the glorious tradition of the nation in the wars against foreign invaders.
Amidst the atmosphere of the 70th anniversary of National Resistance Day, we understand more than ever the aspiration for peace of the Vietnamese people, the power of the whole nation, and the sound leadership of the Party. The lesson learnt from the National Resistance, while enjoying the relative comfort of peace today, will never be forgotten. It reminds us to never lose our vigilance in any circumstances, while constantly fostering economic and military strength, and enhancing the nations position in the international area. That is also the spirit of the 12th National Party Congress, “Early prevention of the threat of war and conflict” and “Firmly maintaining a peaceful environment”, “ready to defend the independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity and security of the country in all circumstances”.
The National Military Conference of the Party held on October 19, 1946 under the chair of Party General Secretary Truong Chinh affirmed that, “During the difficult period, our Party must unify in will, action, and discipline...; in order to do so each party member must give up personal interest for the common interests of the whole Party and nation”. 70 years later when the country entered a period of international integration with both opportunities and risks, once again, the Party building work continued to be a crucial issue. The Resolution on Party building was adopted at the fourth plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee with an aim to enhance Party building and rectification, and prevent and curb ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation as well as the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party. The ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation will lead to “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”, and eventually to the betrayal of the ideal and revolutionary cause of the Party and the nation. The limitations and shortcomings in Party building work have diminished the leadership role of the Party, caused harm to the people’s confidence in the Party, which is considered a direct risk threatening the survival of the Party and the regime.
Urgent work must be done to enhance the building and rectification of the Party in order to make the Party strong enough to deal with new challenges, and be worthy of the pride and trust of the people. The glorious history and revolutionary tradition of the nation, of the Party, and the army give us confidence to move forwards toward a brighter future.
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