Firmly safeguarding the country in any situation


Over the past 72 years, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh as well as the caring and nurturing nature of the entire nation and support from international friends, the VPA has overcome all challenges and sacrifices to fulfil its assigned tasks. The achievements and resounding victories in the cause of national liberation, reunification, construction and defence as well as fulfilment of international obligations are bright hallmarks and immortal epics recorded in the nation’s history as resplendent symbols of heroic determination, courage, intelligence and the ideals of a revolutionary army sourced from the people and fighting for the people.
Over the past year, witnessing the complicated situation in the world, region and the country with numerous advantages and challenges, the VPA has always thoroughly grasped and strictly abided by the Party’s leadership as well as the management of the State and Government to drastically and comprehensively implement and complete assigned tasks.
The army has advised the Party and State in performing military and defense tasks as well as proactively coordinated with the People’s Security and other forces to promptly handle any situations to protect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, border security, airspace and islands of the Fatherland. The VPA has become a key force in the prevention and remediation of natural disasters, rescue, bomb and mine clearance and remediation of the consequences of wars. The images of officials and soldiers who displayed courage in the face of hardship and danger to promptly rescue people from areas affected by natural disasters and fires, have always lived in the hearts of Vietnamese people and are symbols of the good qualities of 'Uncle Ho's soldiers’ in the new period.
In the coming years, peace, co-operation and development will remain major goals; however, the regional and international situation, particularly in the East Sea, is expected to experience unpredictable and complicated changes. Tensions, including religious and ethnic conflicts, separatist movements, local wars, territorial disputes, political unrest, subversion and terrorism have taken place in the world. The hostile forces continue to push plots of ‘peaceful evolution’ and turmoil; abuse the guise of ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’ and ‘religious freedom’; and promote ‘self-evolution’ and ‘self-transformation’ within the Party to increasingly undermine the country’s revolution.
The enhancement and fulfillment of defense and security tasks is the prerequisite in the implementation of targets for socio-economic development and international integration of the country. In this context, the task of protecting the Fatherland has required more efforts from the whole army in fulfilling their functions as an army ready to fight, work and produce outcomes, being worthy of a key force in the construction of an all-people national defence posture attached to a firm security posture throughout the country.
The army should continue to make active preparations in all areas, enhance combat readiness, study and firmly grasp the situation as well as developments and changes in all areas, particularly in critical areas. The force must accurately forecast trends and actively advise the Party, State and Central Military Commission to promptly prevent and efficiently handle situations that could occur, firmly safeguarding the national sovereignty, reunification and territorial integrity.
It is highly essential for the army to continue to thoroughly grasp and efficiently implement the national protection strategy; accelerate the building of military and defense strategies; build and complete combat schemes and plans; and strengthen the leadership in implementing the tenth Politburo’s Resolution No.28 on continuing to build provinces and cities directly under the Central Government into a strong defense area in the new situation.
In addition, the quality of training should be improved; while the training contents and methods should be innovated comprehensively and deeply, towards meeting the requirements of high-tech wars. The army also needs to pay much attention to improving night and mobile training as well as enhancing physical and endurance training for soldiers.
It is very essential to continue to build a people based defence posture; closely combine the economy and defence – security in each strategy, plan and policy related to socio-economic development; and associate the defence with foreign affairs.
Initially, the whole army should efficiently implement the Resolution adopted at the fourth plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee on enhancing the building and rectification of the Party as well as preventing ethical and lifestyle degradation and the manifestation of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party; along with the Politburo’s Directive No.05-CT / TU and Directive No.87 of the Central Military Party Committee on promoting the studying and following of President Ho Chi Minh’s example. The army must always remain loyal and consistent with the goals, ideals and the path to socialism.
Upholding the glorious tradition over the past seven decades, under the leadership of the Party and the management and monitoring of the State, the army and the people will focus on building a revolutionary, well-trained and modern force, being worthy of the Party’s, State’s and people’s admiration and trust.

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Pack Cassiopian 29/12/16 20:45

The VPA, the core of the Vietnam people’s armed forces, is an army from the people and for the people, and ready to sacrifice their own lives for “the independence and freedom of the Homeland, for socialism and for the happiness of the people.”

John Smith 29/12/16 20:46

When the country embarked upon the period of peace and construction, the VPA adjusted its organizational structure and equipment, and downsized its strength by nearly two thirds.

Deck Hero14 29/12/16 20:47

Generations of VPA officers and soldiers continue to display the fine tradition and nature of “Uncle Ho’s Soldiers”

Gentle Moon 29/12/16 20:48

always faithfully fulfil their functions as an army ready for fight, for work and for produce, worthy of late President Ho Chi Minh’s praise of “Our army, loyal to the Party, pious to the people and ready to fight and sacrifice their lives for independence and freedom of the Homeland, and socialism, will fulfil any tasks, overcome any difficulties and defeat any enemies.”

Only Solidar 29/12/16 20:49

Functioning as an army ready for work, the VPA has always maintained its close ties with the people.

LawrenceSamuels 29/12/16 20:49

Being one of the core forces participating in mass mobilization, the VPA units have actively conducted that work.

MaskOf Zero 29/12/16 20:50

Many of them have taken the lead in socio-economic development in remote and secluded areas, taking part in search and rescue operations, natural disaster relief, and flood and storm prevention.

Jane smartnic 29/12/16 20:51

The VPA has also joined in the work of hunger elimination and poverty alleviation, contributing to the improvement of the people’s material and spiritual life.

Love Peace 29/12/16 20:52

Fulfilling its basic function of combat readiness and combat to protect national independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, and interests, the VPA is organized in the direction of making it highly-skilled and compact, supplied with necessary modern weapons and equipment, regularly trained, and ready to complete any assigned tasks.

yobro yobro 29/12/16 20:54

You, Vietnamese people, should be very proud of VPA forces!

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