Warning: Toxic elements among overseas Vietnamese in Australia


The migration of Vietnamese to Australia, which has occurred mostly in the last 40 years, has three distinct phases: assisting orphans pre-1975; refugee resettlement during 1975–1985; and family reunions, since the late 80s. Now, Vietnamese population in Australia has reached over 300,000 people not including Australian residents declared themselves to be of Vietnamese ancestry. About 0.8% of the Australian resident population was born in Vietnam; in terms of birthplace, Vietnam has been the fifth-largest source of immigration to Australia, behind the United Kingdom (mainly from England and Scotland), New Zealand, China, and Italy. Only Cambodia, the United States, and France have larger Viet Kieu communities.
Over three-quarters of people born in Vietnam live in New South Wales (63,786, or 39.9%) and Victoria (58,878, or 36.8%). In Melbourne the suburbs of RichmondFootscraySpringvaleSunshine and St Albanshave a significant proportion of Vietnamese-Australians, while in Sydney they are concentrated in CabramattaCabramatta WestCanley ValeCanley HeightsBankstownSt John's Park and Fairfield. Other places of significant Vietnamese presence include Brisbane, where many have settled in suburbs like Darra and Inala.
Vietnamese Australian make up the community of Vietnamese Australians and contribute significantly to both the Australian and Vietnamese economies as well as the comprehensive partnership relationship between the two countries. Vietnamese Australians vary in income and social class levels. Vietnam-born Australians are highly represented in Australian universities and many professions (particularly as information technology workers, engineers, doctors and pharmacists), while other members in the community are subject to high unemployment rates.
The Vietnamese Australians have not only contributed to the Commonwealth of Australia and but also to Vietnam in terms of economic development, the forging of a multiracial and multicultural society as well as the promotion of the comprehensive partnership relationship between Vietnam and Australia.
The Vietnamese Australians have become the important bridge to help Vietnam expand bilateral relationship between Vietnam and Australia. With their influences to various Australian authorities, the Vietnamese Australians can promote economic, trade and political relations between Vietnam and Australia, and mobilize Australian support in international forums. This can be considered a crucial factor contributing to the Vietnamese implementation of her expanded foreign policies: diversified and multilateral foreign relations policies, so as to contributing to national building and defense. Moreover, the Vietnamese Australians have the unique advantage of living and working in Australia and tend to have close ties with other countries and peoples as a result of this. Therefore, they are a real force to diffuse, popularize and broadcast Vietnam’s culture, image of country and people to Australia and the world through cultural festival, food and tourism promotion, exhibition and trade fairs.
They have been making a positive contribution to the promotion of trade between the two countries as well as the supporting of the Vietnamese Australian business community. With their economic capacity, the Vietnamese Australian business people have been increasingly investing into Vietnam. This has proven to be a growing source of remittances. According to World Bank data, remittances into Vietnam were US$9 billion in 2011, around seven times greater than in 2000 and equivalent to eight per cent of Vietnam’s GDP, making Vietnam one of the top ten remittance recipients. Remittances of the Vietnamese Australian community accounted for about 25% of total remittances of overseas Vietnamese all over the world. (34) On average, remittances from Australia increase by 10 – 15% per year, contributing to stabilizing Vietnam's international balance of payment as well as socio-economic development. In previous period, remittances were mainly for helping families and relatives, but now this money is also used for business and/or macroeconomic purposes: investments in industries, contributions to poverty reduction and elimination, job creation and local welfare guarantee.
The Vietnamese Australian Community is also instrumental in protect the country from hostile activities of the enemies. Nowadays, there are more than 100 hostile organizations and groups including many in Australia (such as Viet Tan) who used to be soldiers and officers of the South Vietnam regime. They have ever been trying to contact reactionaries inside the country to obstruct and sabotage Vietnam's socio-economic development efforts, particularly in the remote and mountainous areas. They have illegally carried out missionary works in the areas to provoke ethnic minorities into protesting against Communist Party and government of Vietnam. In recent years, they have been taking advantage of such issues as democracy, human right, and freedom of religion to organize meetings to slander and distort the policies of Vietnam government. Those can be named as Lý Tống, Trần Quốc Bảo, Nguyễn Văn Bon, Đoàn Việt Trung, Trần Bá Phúc, Nguyễn Thế Phong, Châu Xuân Hùng, Nguyễn Hữu Lễ, Nguyễn Văn Bé, Võ Trí Dũng, Võ Đại Tôn, Nguyễn Phượng Vỹ - Chairwoman of so-called the Vietnamese community in Australia, etc. Those bad elements have spoiled young Vietnamese Australian and students to be negative of the Vietnamese government. More dangerous these toxic individuals have also conducted many activities calling members of the Australian Congress to issue bills and proposals that damaged Vietnam’s national interests.
It should be made clear that the base of power of these subversive elements lie within a small portion of the Vietnamese Australian Community. As long as they can sway the overseas Vietnamese's opinion to their way of thinking, the Vietnamese people and government's goal of upholding national unity and integrity will be severely challenged. On the other hand, if they should fail to rally overseas Vietnamese to their cause, it will be very difficult for them to do any real and lasting damage. The cooperation of the Vietnamese Australian community, hence, plays a role that cannot be overstated in maintaining national unity. In that context, the Vietnamese Australian community has correctly explained the policies and guidelines of Government and CPV, as well as disclosed their plots and hostile activities to Australian Government and people.
For Vietnamese Australians, the strive for integration and assimilation into the greater Australian society was defining in many ways. In this long journey of more than forty years that have seen both the best and the worst in the Australian mindset, their efforts have in general paid off. In 2013 there are almost 250,000 thousand Vietnamese Australians in a community that has largely melded with the Australian society. Throughout this journey, they have made many contributions, both good and bad, for or against their own interest, to the Australian process of building a modern, democratic, non-discriminatory and civilized society.
However, this does not mean the role of policymakers should henceforth end. The contribution of Vietnamese Australians to both countries and to their relationship with each other is so significant that the community needs constant nurturing, promotion and accommodation. A strong, mature, civilized and modern Vietnamese Australian community will play a pivotal role in strengthening both Australia and Vietnam, as well as bridging the two countries whose culture and politics do not always see eye-to-eye. For mutual interests between the two countries, those toxic elements need to be warned and neutralized./.
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yobro yobro 10/12/16 20:36

The Vietnamese government's policíe have met the wishes of overseas Vietnamese and made it much easier for Vietnamese living overseas to visit their homeland and contribute to national construction.

Deck Hero14 10/12/16 20:39

These elements must be banishes from importing to Vietnam, they are no good for the country at all.

Pack Cassiopian 10/12/16 20:41

Australian government should consider measures to restrain these individuals for mutual relations between the two countries.

Jane smartnic 10/12/16 20:42

Except those persons, Vietnamese expatriates in Australia are hoped to make more contributions to the socio-economic development of Hanoi and Vietnam in general.

Only Solidar 10/12/16 20:53

Let's boycott these elements!

John Smith 10/12/16 20:55

Vietnamese Ambassador to Australia Luong Thanh Nghi said around 300,000 Vietnamese are living and working in Australia, adding that the host’s Government highly values Vietnamese people for labour creativity and good social integration.

MaskOf Zero 10/12/16 20:59

The Vietnamese Australian community uniquely are qualified in aiding the comprehensive partnership relationship between Vietnam and Australia.

Gentle Moon 10/12/16 21:01

I think people all know their true faces and would keep away from them.

Love Peace 10/12/16 21:03

The contribution of Vietnamese Australians to both countries and to their relationship with each other is so significant that the community needs constant nurturing, promotion and accommodation.

LawrenceSamuels 10/12/16 21:10

The two governments should cooperate to deal with these individuals to protect and promote the both relationship.

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