Do not let preferential treatments fall into obscurity


If nothing changes, there will be a preferential credit program with hundreds of thousands billion of capital for agriculture and related industries in the coming time. 
Unlike the preferential credit packages before, as proposed by the State Bank Governor Nguyen Van Binh, the capital will be prioritized to invest directly in new models of agricultural production as well as scientific and technical applications in agriculture. 
They have been probably the two biggest weaknesses of agriculture in Vietnam for a long time that make farmers still in poverty, even heaped up debt although they make a million tons of rice, fish, vegetables.
There is a fact in many countries around the world such as Israel, the Netherlands, Japan... that strong investment for scientific applications in agriculture has brought the magic steps for the economy. The Japanese farmers, who specialize in producing lettuce Kawakami (Nagano Province), have revealed with no secret to farmers in Da Lat (Lam Dong) when coming for vegetable cooperation that they only produce lettuce four months a year due to the effects of weather but average income they get in this village about $ 250,000/year/household. Or the example of growing sugar-cane in Laos with  the application of high technology by Hoang Anh Gia Lai group has made productivity double in comparision with the average in Vietnam. 
In the country, farmers and enterprises have tried to apply high technology to models in farming, animal husbandry and achieved respectable results. 
It can be seen that investments in scientific applications to agriculture, especially high technology, biotechnology is the right direction to change the fundamental mode of agricultural development. Especially the current state of agriculture in Vietnam thrives only in quantity without quality. Many products of Vietnam which rank globally among top exports such as coffee, rice... but economic value is not significant, especially for those who live within these products. Obviously, to develop a modern agriculture with highly competitive products, it also depends on many other factors such as land policy, human resources besides scientific and technical factor... But science and technology are two key factors which should be invested in a rush. 
We now correctly identifiy the focus to invest capital in but we must ensure the capital to win favorable addresses as quickly as possible. In the past, many farmers and agricultural businesses heard too much of this type of incentive package. However the access to capital was not simple at all.Not only cumbersome procedural matters but also the binding conditions and criteria always push hard toward the borrower. 
The recent facts have demonstrated that only a few dozen cases accessed capital from the preferential policies for agricultural deployed under a year and falling into oblivion a time after. So many farmers and agricultural businesses expect before launching the program on the credit support, the State Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development should take the survey, assess clearly facts about the borrowers to promote effects immediately.

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Quân Hoàng 7/3/14 15:09

The state should further increase investment in the agricultural sector to exploit the agricultural potential of our country

Lê Tín 7/3/14 15:11

The farmers desperately need the support of the state for scientific and technical applications to raise productivity.

Huy Lâm 7/3/14 15:13

I think this is an absolutely correct policy of the Party and our country .

Hùng Quân 7/3/14 15:14

Vietnam is an agricultural country so it is better to focus certainly on agricultural development that will reach the high efficiency.

Phạm Hiếu 7/3/14 15:17

farmers in Dalat also use many scientific and high-tech applications to agriculture and thier agrecultural products are in no way inferior to any country in the world .

Vân Nhàn 7/3/14 15:19

Our atate must have policies to support farmers in order to reduce difficult in their life.

Hoàng Lân 7/3/14 15:23

Farmers in the labor process also has many practical initiatives to improve productivity.

Huy Quốc 7/3/14 15:24

Nowadays, enhancing the application of science and technology not just in agriculture but for all industries .

Quốc Cường 7/3/14 16:13

Investment in science and technology is right but we should have more supervision in implementing to ensure effectiveness .

Quốc Kiên 7/3/14 16:15

State should consider investing in a scientific manner and accurately for each specialized areas.

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