China’s move is illegal and unreasonable


The acts of invading Paracel Island in 1974 and Gac Ma Island in 1988 and recently sending the HD-981 oil rig to the economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam are clearly illegal and unreasonable.
In the past few days, Vietnamese people from all over the country have held protests to condemn China at once. Peaceful protests erupted in major cities across the country over the weekend, with demonstrators shouting slogans demanding China to remove its oil rig from Vietnamese waters.
In Ha Noi, demonstrators gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy on Hoang Dieu Street and Lenin Park on Sunday, carrying slogans such as "Haiyang 981 get out of Viet Nam" and "We are with the government in protecting the nation, Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly)."
The demonstrations attracted people from all walks of life: war veterans, students, youngsters, intellectuals, office workers and elders, all chanting and singing patriotic songs. Many young protesters wore T-shirts bearing the image of "Uncle Ho".
"Our generation has already shed too much blood to protect the country. We don't want this generation to deal with this. Our sovereignty must be protected," war veteran Nguyen Ngoc Thach told online newspaper Vnexpress.
Social media was flooded with news about China's acts and Viet Nam's reactions, with users calling on one another to spread words of patriotism and join the protests.
In HCM City, about 5,000 people gathered in the downtown area over the weekend, marching toward the Chinese Consulate General's office on Hai Ba Trung Street.
 Furthermore, at abroad many Vietnamese people also have protested before Chinese representative organizations with chants and slogans against that China’s assertiveness. For example, in Praha, Czech, in Berlin and Franfurt, Germany and Tokyo, Japan there were thounsands of people rallying and shouting slogans against China, like “Chinese drilling rig HD-981 out of Vietnam’s territory”, “Paracel is Vietnam’s sovereignty”, “Big China, Bad behaviour”…
 The move has sparked the Vietnamese patriotism through the country. Once again, our national pride and patriotism have rised strongly.

Speaking at the 24th ASEAN Summit Meeting in Myanmar, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung determined that Vietnam had acted with “utmost restraint” and used all means of dialogue to request China remove the rig.
 “But until now, China not only hasn't responded to Vietnam's rightful request but also slandered and blamed Vietnam while increasing their violations, which are becoming more dangerous and serious,” he said, in his strongest comments yet on the crisis”.
 He also urged ASEAN and other nations to “support the legal and legitimate requirements of Vietnam.”
The world have urge China to put an end to unilateral moves threatening regional peace, stability and security and respect international law and Viet Nam's lawful sovereignty./.

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Lê Tín 13/5/14 21:41

That act is not only illegal and unreasonable but also aggressive which may cause serious conflicts, even war.

Phạm Hiếu 13/5/14 22:23

For a long history, China has never given up the ambition of invading Vietnam, and we, Vietnamese, also never be afraid of them, our ancestors have defeated Chinese many times.

Huy Quốc 13/5/14 22:25

What will be, will be, come here Chinese, we'll defeat you again!

Hùng Quân 13/5/14 22:32

Don't get in China's trap, they just want us to make a wrong move, a provocative act and they will take advantages of that to seize our islands like in 1974 and 1988.

Hoàng Lân 13/5/14 22:38

China get out of our land, our sea, if not, you will see what you have to pay, we will rise against you, damn you!

Quốc Cường 13/5/14 22:47

Be calm Hoang Lan, I agree with Hung Quan, we still have many ways to struggle for our sovereignty, like diplomacy, politics and international supports.

Huy Lâm 13/5/14 22:51

Still know that, but like every Vietnamese people, I hate Chinese and want them out of our fatherland as soon as possible, we have the blood of heroic spirit and patriotism in our bodies.

Quân Hoàng 13/5/14 23:01

People should realize that, don't let your patriotism overact, we should follow our state's policies and measures to fight for our national interests more effectively.

Vân Nhàn 13/5/14 23:05

Our authorities have done all necessary things to protect national interests, support and let them do their jobs.

Quốc Kiên 13/5/14 23:10

Yes, don't let hostile forces and reactionaries use us on behalf of patriotism to incite activities against the government, our Party and State have had enough problems to deal with.

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