Dangerous action to the entire region


The fact that China illegally set up the drilling rig HD- 981 in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam continuously faces criticism from the international community. In an article dated May 19 on the South China Morning Post Newspaper, journalist Philip Bowring, an expert on commentary who is living and working in HongKong (China), asserted that Beijing's actions in the South China Sea destabilized the entire region.
In the article, Philip Bowring stressed that self-esteem and careful explaination have become a “toxic batch of wine” which increased tensions in the South China Sea. According to the author, the present action against China's neighbors in the South China Sea is a dangerous one. “The patriots in Hong Kong should realize that because it is a dangerous act”,  Philip Bowring emphasized.
It is also according to journalist Philip Bowring, Beijing not only revealed the intention to invade Vietnam and Philippines but now it also continues changing stance of Indonesia from a country as a mediator between China and other countries in the South China Sea to China’s rival. The evidence shown through two events in recent months when Indonesia accused China of claiming a part of their Natuna Islands.
Meanwhile, the website  Nationalinterest.org considered that move of illegally placing the drilling rig HD-981 in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf not only destabilizes the entire region but also prevents China's capacity from restructuring its economy to maintain growth.
The website also analysed that Beijing is facing major challenges in countries such as environmental pollution, aging population and the terrorist activities in Tibet and Tianjin. In addition, China's economy has slowed down. However, the recent actions of China has been destabilizing the region and hampered the sustainable development of the country.
“In respond to the actions by China, the ASEAN countries have come together to build armed forced to protect sovereignty”, the information was stressed on Nationalinterest.org.
Nationalinterest.org said that the best thing now to improve China’s position is to figure out a new way to develop in accordance with the core principles of diplomacy, which is cooperation for mutual benefit and respecting the interests of other countries as well as resolving tensions over the South China Sea by peaceful means.
It can see clearly that in the peaceful demonstrations protesting China’s violation there are many foreigners who love Vietnam. Most of them have said that the drilling rig HD-981 placed illegally by China is a “dangerous” act and it do not bring any good thing to the people of both countries Vietnam and China.
Mr. Roberto Tofani from Italia affirmed that unilateral act taken by China in the South China Sea within exclusive economic zone of Vietnam is “provocative” and bad faith. He added that although the two countries have also pledged to resolve tensions by peaceful and cooperative ways but in fact China did not do so.
Ms. Merle Ratner, an American social activist for peace said that China invaded and put the rig down in the waters of Vietnam had violated international law. Moreover, China's actions threaten peace and stability in the region . She M.Rat container affirmed its support for Vietnam Vietnam always wants peace and is committed to resolving disputes by peaceful means.
At the same point of view, Mr. Taku Nishimae, a Japanese freelance cinematographer living in New York (USA) announced the Japanese people and the Americans are in favor of Vietnam.
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Quốc Cường 20/5/14 16:00

Vietnam will take all the proper and necessary measures to protect its legitimate rights and interests.

Quân Hoàng 20/5/14 16:02

Vietnam cannot accept and resolutely protests the China’s act and demands China totally withdraw the drilling rig HD-981 as well as escort vessels from this area, and joining talks with Vietnam to handle the related differences.

Lê Tín 20/5/14 16:03

Vietnam has full legal and historical grounds to prove its sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.

Huy Lâm 20/5/14 16:08

Given the recent history of tensions in the South China Sea, China's decision to operate its oil rig in disputed waters is provocative and unhelpful to the maintenance of peace and stability in the region.

Hùng Quân 20/5/14 21:10

China’s dangerous action also seriously impacts the maritime security and safety in the East Sea and interests of countries in Southeast Asia and the world.

Vân Nhàn 20/5/14 21:12

Demanding China withdraw its oil rig HD 981 and other vessels out of the waters that Vietnam claims sovereignty and jurisdiction over according to the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and the spirit of the DOC in order to restore peace, stability and maritime security in the East Sea.

Hoàng Lân 20/5/14 21:15

I resolutely protest against China’s unilateral deployment of its oil rig HD 981 and a number of vessels including military ships to Vietnam’s sovereign sea.

Huy Quốc 20/5/14 21:21

We love our country and are determined to contribute to defending the nation. We march in peace and want to show patriotism, love for peace and enthusiasm of young Vietnamese people to the world and China.

Phạm Hiếu 20/5/14 21:25

China placed its oil rig in Vietnam’s continental shelf. So, it brutally violated articles of the Conventio which stipulate that one country is not allowed to place its oil rig in other country.

Quốc Kiên 20/5/14 21:32

Vietnam is a peace loving country!

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