How should we show our patriotism?

                                   Vietnamese protesting against China's placement of HD-981

The country’s reconstruction and building in peacetime have equal importance as fighting and protecting in wartime. They both are essential to the prosperity and destiny of a country or nation.

In recent days, almost Vietnamese people cannot “stay still” before provocative activities of our neighbor and “friend” named China over its placement of drilling rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 (HD-981) in Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone in the East Sea. From online network to real-life, workplace to café, retirees to young toddlers… everywhere, everyone ware talking, debating about situation between us and “the enemy”.

Most comments are willing to stand up to fight for the country sovereignty on the sea and island. There is a wide variety of ways and types to show the patriotism, but most common are minded "territorial integrity" is above all. I feel really happy and grateful for this traditional patriotism of our people.

Once again, the fighting spirit of Tran Quoc Toan in Binh Than Conference (1282) before the Mongol Yuan invasion has resurfaced. This has shown the ready spirit and strong will of the nation to confront any foreign invaders. We should be proud and flattered of this.

However, the willing to stand up to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity is only half of patriotism.

As we all know, the fighting and building are two parallel elements, never integral, in the history of formation and development of any nation or country. Without one of these elements, the nation/country no longer exist or become weak and then disappear.

Therefore, reconstruction and building in peacetime have equal importance as fighting and protecting in wartime. They both are essential to the prosperity and destiny of a country or nation.

The spirit of struggle and defend the country in times of danger and being threaten has become our tradition and proud. So before, during and after the sensitive period, how’s about the spirit of reconstruction and building in each of us, especially the young generation?

                    In Bình Dương province, workers were incited to violence by bad individual

However, in some provinces and cities has had some legal violations of destroying property of enterprises, including the facilities of foreign investors and resisting on-duty officials, social disorder. This were affecting the business, the normal life of the people, investment environment and foreign policy of the Party and State.

Being patriotic, each person should live more responsibly in thought and action. Each Vietnamese citizen in any position, anywhere should consider carefully between the good - bad, right - wrong, keep the fire of enthusiasm but be conscious in thinking and action. The true patriotism is far different from blindness.

Let's show our fire of patriotism with consciousness, concerning about the fate of the nation, not to be abused, being dragged into the sectarian organizations in the name of patriotism but is actually damaging to the power and interests of the country...

The true patriotism in the spirit of peace and mutual respect, based on the value of international norm will help each nation, each people preserve the territorial integrity; and ensuring peace and prosperity of the nation and of all humanity in a globalized world...

We are not just those willing to stand up when the national in danger but also the constructive generation and asserting national values ​​in the eyes of international friends in time of peace. So, let's transfer the patriotic spirit of fighting and protecting in wartime to the reconstruction and building in peactime. It will be fully patriotism.

Wish us succeeded to bring our country to prosperity and strongness.
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Lê Tín 18/5/14 21:02

China back off, you have no right in Vietnam exclusive economic zone!

Quốc Cường 18/5/14 21:05

I hope that the international community will support our struggle for justice. China stop violating Vietnam's sovereignty.

Huy Lâm 18/5/14 21:07

The Vietnamese Government and local authorities are determined to take all necessary measures to ensure absolute safety and security for foreign agencies, businesses and people in Vietnam

Quốc Kiên 18/5/14 21:09

Don't let your patriotism be abused!

Phạm Hiếu 18/5/14 21:13

All of Vietnamese people will stand up to safeguard the nation’s sacred sovereignty, that's our traditional.

Hùng Quân 18/5/14 21:19

There is some individuals and organizations in the name of patriotism but is actually damaging to the strength and national interests. We should be cautious!

Vân Nhàn 18/5/14 21:24

I think, in the peacetime, patriotism means doing your own work well, and never to destroy production facilities which are rice bowls of many people.

Hoàng Lân 18/5/14 21:28

I agree with you Van Nhan, I want to sorry foreign investors for bad activites which had occurred few days ago. We did not mean to this activities, we just want to show our patriotism.

Quân Hoàng 18/5/14 21:31

Make love, not war. We love peace, Vietnamese people don't want another war.

Huy Quốc 18/5/14 21:36

Over the past days, the international community have showed their anger at China’s provocative act while expressing their support for Vietnam Government’s peaceful approaches to the issue. Bravo Vietnam!

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