Plentiful and diversified life of religion in Vietnam


Exchanging on the sideline of the opening of The 11th UN Day of Vesak Celebrations, Venerable Professor Dr. Phra Prahamapundit ( from Thailand), founding President of the international Council for UN Vesak Day highly appreciated the diversity of belief and religion in Vietnam with the strong development of Buddhism.
This is the second time the UN chose Vietnam as host nation of The 11th UN Day of Vesak Celebrations because of the initiative and zealousness of Vietnam beside successful result of Vesak 2008 was also held by Vietnam which made good impressions about the country, people and religious life in Vietnam. Moreover, Buddhism has flourished not only in Vietnam but also kept a positive role in economic life and society. As Vietnamese delegates emphasized that Buddhists monks and Buddhist Church of Vietnam with more than 30 years of maturity has contributed significantly to the realization of UN millennium development goals for a good life, good religion. .
The theme for this year Vesak in Vietnam more affirmed meaningful motto of Buddhism in general and Vietnamese Buddhism in particular. Vietnam is one of the best countries to implement the goals of the UN Millennium. Among eight goals  Vietnam has successfully implemented five ones and are striving to achieve three remaining goals with a positive outlook .
Vietnamese Buddhism are traditionally established and longstanding developments. In the exchange, Venerable Professor Dr. Phra Prahamapundit said that he has gone to Vietnam many times and he felt that Vietnam has a plentiful and diversified life of religion with with the rapid development of Buddhism in general as well as other religions in particular. All were clearly expressed through religious infrastructure built quickly that he could observe over the 3 times to Vietnam about a year ago. The Catholics in Vietnam are free to practice.
Vesak 2008 and 2014 are clear proofs show abundant growth of Buddhism in Vietnam. Through the Panorama photos of art exhibition of Buddhist in Vietnam, everybody could admire the image of Vietnamese temples with characteristic architecture features. Besides, the contemporary paintings of the famous painters about Buddhism vividly reflected the spiritual and cultural life as well as the role of Buddhism in Vietnam society.
All those who think that the UN Day of Vesak aimed at “sprucing up” human rights and religious freedom issues in Vietnam should reconsider because Buddhism does not distinguish between religion and different political opinions but all geared to encourage harmony and avoid confrontation as well as the enhancement of human and collaboration. The opinions were deduced from a leading critical event of Buddhism with such political issues are not acceptable.

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Quốc Kiên 12/5/14 16:13

Everyone in Vietnam has the right to religious freedom

Lê Tín 12/5/14 16:14

Vietnam should be well prepared all facilities to welcome international guests in this important event

Vân Nhàn 12/5/14 16:15

this is a good opportunity for Vietnam to promote Vietnam tourism

Huy Quốc 12/5/14 16:16

the discussed topics in the framework of this celebration are very practical.

Quân Hoàng 12/5/14 16:16

religion has actually accompany with our country

Hoàng Lân 12/5/14 16:17

religions in Vietnam are developing harmoniously

Hùng Quân 12/5/14 16:18

religious development policies in Vietnam has practical effects

Quốc Cường 12/5/14 16:19

Vietnam truly honored to be hosting the Buddhist festival of Vesak

Huy Lâm 12/5/14 16:19

Bai Dinh is the largest and biggest pagoda in Vietnam. This place is deserved to host Buddhist ceremony.

Phạm Hiếu 12/5/14 16:20

Vietnam needs campaigning more events like this for all religious people are involved.

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