China’s inhumane actions should be condemned!


                A Chinese vessel spraying water cannons at a smaller Vietnamese one

       Vietnamese fishermen have confirmed that the “strange ships” attack vessels within Vietnamese waters are in fact Chinese. After staying silent for some time, Vietnamese fishermen have decided that it is better to let the public know about the transgressions of these aggressive ships. A number of Chinese vessels, disguised as fishing boats, but armoured with metal have been ramming civilian Vietnamese fishing boats.
       There are many reports of attacks by Chinese ships from fishermen in central Vietnam. Many of the aggressive vessels are disguised to hide their nationality. Vietnamese fishermen now have to cope with not only fierce natural disasters, but also threats from Chinese ships in the country’s attempt to monopolise the East Sea. China wants to make Vietnamese fishermen frightened to the point that they abandon the area around the Hoang Sa Islands.
       A Chinese ship coded 11209 sank a Vietnamese fishing boat with 10 members on board. The incident happened in Vietnamese waters. During regular operations in its traditional fishing grounds, boat DNa 90152 from Da Nang is reported to have been encircled by 40 fishing vessels of China and then being deliberately attacked by a Chinese vessel, 11209. The incident occurred at about 4pm 17 nautical miles from where China’s Haiyang Shiyou-981 oil rig has been sited. The location is in the heart of traditional Vietnamese fishing grounds in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf. All 10 fishermen were rescued by other boats from Vietnam.
        It was not the first time Vietnamese fishing boats have been attacked by Chinese ships in recent weeks.
        Since the beginning of May, China illegally dispatched the rig, as well as a large fleet of armed vessels, military ships and aircraft, to Vietnamese waters and positioned the rig at a location 80 miles deep inside Vietnam ’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone prescribed by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS 1982).
        Chinese ships have repeatedly rammed and fired water cannons into Vietnamese coast guard and fisheries surveillance ships which are carrying out their law enforcement missions in the country’s waters, leaving many Vietnamese ships damaged and officers injured.
        Since placing its oil rig in the Vietnamese waters on May 1, China has deployed a large number of vessels including militray ships to the area to guard the rig. These Chinese ships have continuously rammed or fired their water cannons at Vietnamese vessels, and such attacks have so far injured 12 Vietnamese fisheries surveillance officers and damaged many boats, the department reported. These actions are so imhumane and immoral, we should sue China to international courts to let the world know how a big power like China behave with their neighbours.
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Phạm Hiếu 7/6/14 12:24

All those unilateral and aggressive actions by Beijing are wrong steps damaging China's reputation in the international arena.

Quân Hoàng 7/6/14 12:25

Like a dog reaching the end of its chain, the Chinese vessel barks at us a few remaining times, before turning heel.

Hùng Quân 7/6/14 12:29

We should sue them to international courts, let the world know their evil face, those barbarous and cruel pirates!

Lê Tín 7/6/14 12:30

Get out of our seas and land, Chinese!

Huy Quốc 7/6/14 12:32

The recent actions of China has been destabilizing the region and hampered the sustainable development of the country.

Huy Lâm 7/6/14 12:34

The reality has proved justice belongs to Vietnam and Vietnam are getting the support of international friends while China is unjust and gradually isolated .

Hoàng Lân 7/6/14 13:07

Not only has Beijing bared expansionist teeth to Vietnam and the Philippines, it has now succeeded in shifting Indonesia from a position of trying to act as a moderator between China and the other South China Sea states to opponent.

Vân Nhàn 7/6/14 13:09

China will regret what they have done to our fishermen, a big bully never get anything good.

Quốc Cường 7/6/14 13:16

Big country but bad neighbor, the things are between the two governments, why they harmed our innocent fishermen.

Quốc Kiên 7/6/14 13:21

So unacceptable, they have violated the humanitarian principles on treating innocent civilians.

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