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RFA - Radio free Asia was initially placed under the control of the CIA for propagandizing policy of the United States to the States considered as hostile countries. Despite being converted into a private company but the RFA is still based on budget by US Congress. Therefore, the performance criteria of the RFA aims at giving distorted information, launching blind fire to defame the country which go against the interests and policies of the United States.
The information released  by RFA in an attempt to mislead and provoking discontent among the people in the Party and the Government of Vietnam with the main objective to cause political instability in Vietnam, carrying out strategy of “peace movement” to change the current political system. The information given by RFA that appears to “mainstream” but in fact mainly to deceive and poison audience.
A rule that the major media agencies around the world often comply with are objectivity, honesty, respectation to multi-dimensional information. But for RFA, they do not comply with basic criteria. Instead of honest reporting on politics, society in Vietnam, under the guise of “democracy - human rights - religion”, RFA frequently reactionary allegations of accusations and slanders... to denigrate the Party and State of Vietnam. Among the RFA’s articles, there is nothing to recognize the achievements on stability, development or performance of the Party, State and people of Vietnam. The RFA often direct at the object, who self-proclaime to work for democracy and human rights but with the real purpose is again Vietnam. Some tricks are usually used by RFA is to fed words, pull the strings of those who left dissatisfactory views and expression, self-create mournful, tragic images about Vietnam then RFA upload with sentence “bearing the writer's point of view” or “article’s content does not necessarily reflect the views of the RFA” so RFA Vietnamese allow themselves the right to publish slanderous article, slanders and fabrications but it seems to be objective and truthful.
Assessing the attitudes and activities of the RFA Vietnamese to Vietnam, in 2007, Mr. Tran Dinh Hoang - a Vietnamese living in Australia commented: With the communication in style of “cold War”, we do not surprise that most of the RFA broadcasts entirely focused on destabilizing target for Vietnam. The guise that it deems particularly interested in maximizing freedom, democracy and religion. They are not afraid to talk up, turn from myths into the story as truth. They are not embarrassed to say untrue information.

Although the United States and Vietnam have made great strides in bilateral relations but RFA is still the tool of some American politicians with views against Vietnam. They used RFA to create pressure, causing political instability in Vietnam for the purpose of changing and goal of socialist which Vietnam is moving towards. RFA is one of the “tap octopus” in the strategy namely “peace movement” by hostile forces toward Vietnam.

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Quân Hoàng 28/8/14 16:10

Freedom of the press in the U.S. is putting untrue information.

Huy Quốc 28/8/14 16:10

Not only RFA but also many other radio stations such as VOA , BBC , RFI also post articles with misinformation about Vietnam.

Hoàng Lân 28/8/14 16:11

I agree to boycott RFA!

Vân Nhàn 28/8/14 16:12

RFA published articles to distort the situation in not only Vietnam but also many other countries. As we can see clearly that the purpose of this radio is the cause of peaceful evolution.

Hùng Quân 28/8/14 16:13

Even he American people do not believe content on RFA so who can believe?

Lê Tín 28/8/14 16:14

Have the individuals honored by RFA understood the nature of the RFA yet?

Quốc Cường 28/8/14 16:14

This radio station is funded by the U.S. government to act against Vietnam so the untrue content posted on the site is completely understandable.

Huy Lâm 28/8/14 16:15

Newspapers that are not true just tabloid only.

Quốc Kiên 28/8/14 16:16

That’s only the Radio Free Asia, liberty in the disorganized way.

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