The independent journalists association of Vietnam – Another trick of reactinonary elements


Recently, by falsely citing The article 25 of Vietnam’s 2013 Constitution specifies that citizens have freedom of expression, press, accessing information, meeting, association, and assembly. Many associations, organizations are operating in the name of human rights and freedom of speech. But what are their true nature? They all are being financed and controlled by foreign elements who just want to undermine our society and security to take advantages of our people. The independent journalists association of Vietnam is one of them. So pity that there are a lot of members, including well known journalists.
 Earlier July, they met in Ho Chi Minh City to establish the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam (IJAVN), which has been recognized by Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières -RSF), a France-based international non-profit, non-governmental organization. They has applauded the establishment of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam. According to RSF, this is the first time many journalists together voiced publicly to promote freedom of information in Vietnam. Mr. Benjamin Ismail, RSF’s special representative in Asia-Pacific region, said the establishment of Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam is the good news for freedom of information in Vietnam. “The association will be a shield for independent journalists and will create chance for disseminating of news that are not censored by the state. The RSF will support the Vietnamese association,” he said.
Its president, Pham Chi Dung, and one of its vice-presidents, Le Ngoc Thanh, are Reporters Without Borders “so-called Information Heroes.”
The IJAVN’s goals are to:
·   Honestly reflect profound and burning societal and national issues
·   Criticize the state’s irrational policies regarding social management and media freedom
·   Host exchanges and dialogues with the authorities on media freedom and social management whenever possible
·   Support physical, spiritual and active mutual assistance and solidarity among its members
·   Take whatever action is necessary to defend those who are harassed, arrested, imprisoned or terrorized for promoting social progress in what they write
·   Attract young writers and train them to contribute to Vietnam’s future professional journalism
·   Create a favourable environment for all journalists, whether contributors to independent news sites or employed by state-controlled media.
Based in Ho Chi Minh City, the IJAVN plans to organize seminars, cooperate with NGOs and launch an online news outlet to which independent journalists and others will contribute.
Asked about the 35 journalists and bloggers currently detained in Vietnam, Dung told RWB: “We are disappointed that the sentences of Pham Viet Dao and Truong Duy Nhat were upheld on appeal last month. We will send a petition to the government calling for their immediate release and we will urge international NGOs to put pressure on the Vietnamese authorities.”. Dung added: “We will also draw the media’s attention to Nguyen Huu Vinh, Dieu Cay and Ta Phong Tan, the three detained bloggers who set up the Free Journalist Club.”
 Let see who are those detained reporters and bloggers, they are politic defiants. They have operated against national interests and have been punished appropriately by the government. We should understand their schemes and don’t let ourselves be engaged in their activities against our national interests.
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