Power of Vietnam navy

                                    The first and second Gepard frigates of the Vietnamese Navy

The fight against destroyer USS Maddox and aircraft of the United States on August 2 and 5, 1964, was the first victory of the Vietnam People’s Navy and the army and people in the north during the America’s war in Vietnam.
Under the command of the Party Central Military Commission and the Defence Ministry, the Navy High Command asked detachment 3 of its battalion 135 to secretly set up an ambush on Hon Ne island, the central province of Thanh Hoa, waiting for the USS Maddox.
On August 2, 1964, when the USS Maddox was about 9 nautical miles from Hon Me, detachment 3 soldiers and their vessels started an offensive, braving bursts of bombs and firings to chase the destroyer out of the waters, shoot down a plane and damage others.
Three days later, the US air force made a surprise attack on the Vietnamese naval bases, and major economic and defence establishments lying along the coastal areas from Hon Gai, the northern province of Quang Ninh to the Gianh river, the central province of Quang Binh. The naval force, in liaison with air forces, police, militiamen and civilians, shot down eight aircraft and arrested the first US pilot Everett Alvarez.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident was just an excuse that the US used to extend the war and destroy the North of Vietnam. The US policy pursued to escalate the war, so even "The Gulf of Tonkin incident" in May 8-1964 happened or not, sooner or later it would happen then.
According to calculations of the military analysts, it must have 12 torpedo ships to hit a destroyer, but at that time we only had 3 small ships, which were not really modern, but active, creative and dare to fight off enemy’s huge destroyer. When there was a command, the ships were on its way on the sea, facing the enemy, even when they had been raiding by enemy aircrafts, many  soldiers wounded and sacrificed, but the officers and soldiers on board remained steadfast determination, fought off enemy ships and continued to participate in shooting enemy aircrafts.
The battle in August 2nd and 5th, 1964 was a direct confrontation between the Vietnam Navy with little experience in actual combat, limitation in vehicles, weapons and techniques, and the other side of American Imperialism with the naval and air forces, much more surpassing us about modern weapons, equipment, techniques and combat experience, and especially with a professional invasion army. However, the Vietnam People's Navy had won resounding victories, made ​​the glorious tradition of "first victory battle" of Navy Force; This has been a shining landmark in the history of combat, construction, maturation of heroic Navy Force.
The current situation at sea now is more complicated and stressful. Foreign factors, especially China have had many provocative actions to escalate territorial disputes in the field to perform conspiracy of monopolizing the East Sea, threatening our country's territorial sovereignty. Against this backdrop, the Vietnam People's Navy has to gradually build a solid frame, which is laid on sea - islands - shore, strong enough to be the core force in the struggle to protect maritime sovereignty and to fight off offensive strikes on the sea.
To do this, besides enhancing the modern equipment we need to pay much attention to educate and promote the historical significance and lessons, which learned from the first victory. Thereby we can build up and maintain wills in our army, which makes soldier dare to fight and know how to win and determine to protect firmly the country’s sovereignty.
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Phạm Hiếu 16/8/14 17:03

Be proud of Vietnam Navy! We're strong enough to defend our sovereignty!

Lê Tín 16/8/14 17:10

We will defeat all the enemies who dare to invade our country. We have tradition of protecting the country against the ambition of big country like China, the US, France... They had all received the result of loser!

Quốc Kiên 16/8/14 17:17

Vietnam has a long coast, so we have to build up our navy power to defend our country from the strike from the sea, to protect our fishermen when they're fishing on the sea,...

Quốc Cường 16/8/14 17:18

The Vietnam People's Navy is the core service in protecting Vietnam's maritime sovereignty.

Huy Lâm 16/8/14 17:20

The Navy's Responsibility is to strictly manage and control the waters and islands in the East Sea under Vietnam's sovereignty, to maintain security, to counter any Acts of violating Sovereignty, sovereign rights, jurisdiction and national interests of Vietnam at sea, to secure normal activities of Vietnam in its waters and islands in Conformity with Vietnamese and international laws, to ensure maritime safety and participate in search-and-rescue operations in accordance with Vietnam's laws and the international conventions Adopted by Vietnam, to be ready for joint and combined operations to defeat Aggression from any and at sea.

Hùng Quân 16/8/14 17:25

I have a dream to be a marine, to be on board of a warship and fire missiles to enemy's ships. Oh, it's wonderful!

Quân Hoàng 16/8/14 17:27

As Minister of Defense Phung Quang Thanh stated on 05 August 2011: "The direction of building up the armed forces is one to follow the revolutionary spirit, regularization and effectiveness and gradual modernization. Within this context, the Navy, the Air Force, the Signal Corps and Electronic Warfare will proceed directly into modernization to protect the country".

Vân Nhàn 16/8/14 17:31

The power of the Nay is rising sharply, it's equipped with a lot of modern weapons like submarine, frigate, anti-air missiles...

Hoàng Lân 16/8/14 17:32

The Vietnam People's Navy is building Coastal defense missile force as the core force in maritime security strategy, equipped with Russian and Indian missile systems

Huy Quốc 16/8/14 17:34

The Vietnamese People's Navy played an important part in protecting national waters, islands, the continental shelf, and special economic zones and in ensuring the interests of maritime economy.

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