Tighten the management of revenues and expenditures of the State budget


Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has signed Directive No. 25/ CT-TTg which requires Ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies, government-attached agencies, other central agencies, Presidents of provinces and to focus on executive direction about financial tasks and budget in last few months of 2014.
Prime Minister requested ministries, agencies and localities to implement solutions that solve the difficulties, problems and recommendations of the enterprises; focus on supporting businesses overcome losses early; decreasing the number of businesses cease operations and dissolve; expeditiously implementing the Decree of the Government on a number of fisheries development policies, including timely implementation and effective policies to support and encourage the activities of offshore fishing (credit usage, insurance, training...) to promote fisheries development fast, efficiently and suitablely for the demands of practice. Besides, continuing to promote the reformation of administrative procedures, especially in the areas of market access, import and export, access to capital, credit, tax and customs, land, property, investment, construction, natural resources, labor... to create favorable conditions for the highest level of business activities.
Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Finance to coordinate with the ministries, central agencies and localities to promptly finalize the guidelines for preferential tax exemption or reduction of corporate income under the provisions of the Law on amendments for a number of articles of the Law on Enterprise Income tax. At the same time we should closely monitor market developments pricing, timely propose appropriate measures prescribed by law for market intervention to stabilize prices and control inflation in the area of each region and throughout the country, especially in the holidays.
Ministry of Finance and other ministries, agencies and localities maintain regularly inspection, inspection and coordination between tax collection agencies, financial bodies and the function forces in the management of revenues, against processing losses and tax arrears. To promote prevention and control commercial fraud, price transfering, fraud in import price and smuggling across the border.
The Prime Minister also asked to minimize the organization of festivals, celebrations, commencement ceremony, the inauguration; resolutely cut down and do not organize conferences and seminars with unpractical content. To integrate the content, issues, tasks which need to be handled, rationally combining meetings, increasing use of online meeting form to direct and handle related work…, stopping the unneccessary overseas working triptour by national budget.
Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Finance and the People's Committees of central provinces and cities to focus on close management of the allocation and use of budget reserves were estimated at the all level budget layout; considerring budget capability to organize and operate expenditure assignments and apply appropriate measures to ensure budget balance at all levels.

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Huy Quốc 22/8/14 09:07

For fiscal economists, the key issues on budget execution are always whether deficit targets are likely to be met, and whether any budget adjustments (both on the revenue and expenditure sides) agreed at the preparation stage (or in-year) are being implemented as planned.

Vân Nhàn 22/8/14 09:09

Budget implementation, in the sense of delivering services by undertaking expenditures, is the responsibility of the line ministries and spending agencies, within regulatory controls set by the ministry of finance.

Lê Tín 22/8/14 09:13

The increase in the revenue of state budget in recent year mostly came from crude oil and land-related collections.

Quốc Kiên 22/8/14 09:14

Certain issues in the revenue and expenditure balance, such as some important revenue sources failed to meet the set targets, tax collection showed loopholes in solving tax arrears, and losses in revenue and outstanding debts.

Quân Hoàng 22/8/14 09:16

the expenditure for education and training, science and technology, was too low in the period from 2009 to 2013.

Hoàng Lân 22/8/14 09:17

The government needs to have solutions for these problems in coming years to soon meet the development of important sectors of the country.

Hùng Quân 22/8/14 09:18

We should ask for stricter punishments on violations of revenue and expenditure, given the current situation of the tensions in the East Sea, which made practicing thrift more drastic.

Quốc Cường 22/8/14 09:19

All policies, which are outdated and ineffective, causing waste to the state budget, should be eliminated immediately

Huy Lâm 22/8/14 09:21

Leaders of organisations found with violations in using state budget must take full responsibilities and audit results must be publicised at local grassroots level.

Phạm Hiếu 22/8/14 09:22

Boosting tax inspection to solve the losses in revenue and outstanding debts and have more drastic measures to avoid transfer pricing to ensure no loss to the state budget.

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