Chinese journalists suddenly... angry!

Vietnam is an independent and sovereign country. We buy weapons not to make wars, but to protect the country. And, the act of buying something from someone is the right of only buyers and sellers, not related to others, but why do they assume the right to be "upset" or "angry"?
On Oct 9th, in People's Daily, the official newspaper of the Beijing Government commented that: "This action is not considered" and gave a deterrent, "the import of American weapons will have nothing to do with consensus reached between the two countries (Vietnam - China). It will harm the stability and make the tensions between the two countries more complicated".
In addition, the article directly condemned the US’s policy and expressed "envy": "The US policy is not consistent. It’s lifting the embargo against Vietnam, but on the other hand, the United States still maintains a ban on arms sales to China, restricting the export of high-tech products "and" the US need to be aware that the myopic policy on arms sale to China's neighbors will be seen as an example of indirect conflict".
Well, things between the United States and China are their job, and we shouldn’t discuss about it.
But for the things related to Vietnam, what rights do they have to be "angry", "upset" with us?
In the afternoon of September 24th in New York, received the question "Do you worry the embargo lifting will make China uncomfortable and causing more trouble?" Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh answered bluntly: "Vietnam, if not purchasing weapons from the United States will buy from other countries, why should China be unpleasant."
The answer was very clear and incisive, showing bravery, attitudes and aspirations of the people of Vietnam in all aspects.
First, Vietnam have full rights to decide all its actions because it is a sovereign nation, as the King Quang Trung said "we are the owner of Viet Nam".
Second, though the answer was short, it had shown absolute independence of a nation that love peace and respect international law.
Third, the nation of Vietnam know what to do, what must do and will take responsibility before the world civilized community. Vietnam has never depended on someone’s "like" or "dislikes".
In other words, no one can affect or dominate our country, our nation.
However, as a peace loving nation, we buy weapong not to go to war. The motto of Vietnamese foreign affairs is "three no": No military alliance; No foreign military base in Vietnam and No alliance with one country against other country.
No military alliance to invade, but in the national defense history, Vietnam’s international friends always be ready to help and support us, because we have the rightness and always do the right things with norms of international law.
No foreign military bases on our territory, because Vietnamese people do not want to turn this country into a battlefield or give hand to bad intentions.
No “group-style” alliance to fight against others, but once touched even one meter of ancestral land, the entire people of Vietnam will be determined at all costs, stand ready and firmly to defend their territory to the last breath.
This country had been one willing to "burn the whole range of Truong Son" to defend the independence, freedom and national sacred sovereignty.
In short, Vietnam is a independent and sovereign country, we buy weapons not to make wars, but to protect the country. And, the act of buying something from someone is the right of only buyers and sellers, not related to others, but why do they assume the right to be "upset" or "angry"?

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Lê Tín 22/10/14 21:29

the removal of the ban would benefit both Washington and Hanoi

Phạm Hiếu 22/10/14 21:30

This would also help to fully mobilize the relationship between the two countries

Quốc Cường 22/10/14 21:35

The more exchanges in Vietnam and the US relation, the more fear China has.

Quốc Kiên 22/10/14 21:37

If we do not buy weapons from the United States, we would still buy from other countries, Why should China bother about that?

Hùng Quân 22/10/14 21:39

Once the lethal weapons restrictions are lifted, Vietnam has the demand to buy some from the United States, firstly to repair, to overhaul, the weapons that are left from the war

Huy Lâm 22/10/14 21:40

The two countries normalized relations 17 years ago, and last year signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on nonlethal defense exchanges

Hoàng Lân 22/10/14 21:44

Vietnam would like to have fine relations with neighboring countries, with regional countries and with the major powers of the world like the US, China, India...

Vân Nhàn 22/10/14 21:46

That will anger China, which eyes increased US military engagement in Asia as an attempt to contain its rise

Quân Hoàng 22/10/14 21:50

China should be worry about this because when Vietnam is getting stronger, we will take back what belongs to us.

Huy Quốc 22/10/14 21:52

the removal of the ban is necessary for both Vietnam and the US, even China. They would learn a lesson of strategic trust.

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