Ensuring legitimate rights of information of citizens

            There are a lot of newspapers in Vietnam to serve for the right of information of citizens.

In this era of information explosion, the management and control of information in order to protect the interests of the nation, as well as ensure the legal and legitimate rights, interests of information of citizens is the inevitable trend of civilized society and the political responsibility of each country. Vietnam is in the main stream of the world and always do our best to ensure legitimate rights of information of citizens.
 Ministry of Information and Communications has issued Circular No. 09/2014 / TT-MIC provides for management activities, provision of information on the use of electronic communication and social networking. The issuance of the circular is needed to help all levels of industry and society as a whole performed well Decree No. 72/2013 / ND-CP of the Government on the management, provision, use of internet services and online information.
The circular has many new features, reflected clearly the views and policies of the State consistently ensuring freedom of speech, freedom of information of citizens on the basis of the Constitution and laws, for the sake of the nation and the political stability, social order and safety, the moral standards of the community and the dignity of the humankind. Besides the website need to be licensed by the State management agencies, 5 pages don’t need to be licensed, which are: internal website, internal forum, personal information website, specialized applications website and website of state agencies to provide information.
Circular clearly states: Each individuals have the right to share information, but do not affect the rights and legitimate interests of the State, organizations and citizens; and must take responsibility before the law for the contents of posted information. On the other hand, sharing information that is personal, rather than arbitrarily provide aggregate information as pages from organizations with legal status. This provision aimed at preventing cases of abusing social networks, personal websites to make toxic information, affecting the healthy tastes of the majority of public and adverse impacts to public opinion.
When it comes to personal information, should be understood in two waies: Information privacy of individuals only value to the person who use that information; Personal information but affecting other individuals, communities and society. Indeed, respect for the right to share personal information means respecting thoughts, feelings, hobbies, beliefs, aspirations, dreams and rights, legitimate interests of individuals in accordance with social morals, laws and regulations of the community.
However, sharing, expressing, representing the right to personal information hasn’t to violate the prohibitions stipulated in Paragraph 1, Article 5, Decree No. 72/2013 / ND-CP , that is to: Resist the Party, the State, which are detrimental to national security, social order and safety, undermining national unity bloc; Propagandize war, terrorism, incite hatred, conflicts between ethics, races and religions; Incite violence, sadism, perverted, criminal, social evils, superstition, destructive habits, and customs of the people; Disclose secrets of State, the military, security, economics and foreign policy; Distort, slander, insult the prestige of the institution, honor and dignity of the individual; Spread banned press, literature, art and other publications; Forging organizations and individuals spread fake information, false information to harm interests and legitimate rights of organizations and individuals.
The introduction of the circulation is necessary, consistent with international practices and to meet the needs, desires and interests of the majority of the public. Because in recent time, there are so many subjects who have been using the rights of information of citizens to carry out malicious intent. For example, taking advantage of the complex situation in the Ease Sea, some guys used facebook to call on people to the streets to protest against the law, which actually aimed at taking Gov down and weakening the country.
During the boom of social information, the management and control of information in order to protect the interests of the nation, as well as ensure the rights and interests of legal information, legitimate citizens is the inevitable trend of a civilized society and the political responsibility of each country. For developed countries, this should be taken more seriously.
In China, the Chinese Gov has enacted regulations to prevent the spread of rumors, false information on the Internet and make appropriate sanctions for incitement information content sectarian, religious, undermining the country's image or "making bad international impact". In the US, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has established "internal center for media supports" which is responsible for the development of technology capable of controlling information on the internet and communicate using mobile phones to increase strength, homeland security management more efficient. The UK government has announced a draft monitoring plan information, e-mail and internet on the phone network to prevent anti-government information. The Indian government has banned and strict sanctions for website information content, pornography, depraved. The Korean government has also closed a lot of websites with content related to oppose the implementation of military service and the sensitive issues related to defense and national security ...
Recognizing the utility that the internet brings people and promoting social progress, but the vast majority of countries around the world are increasingly aware of the deeper implications, unpredictable catastrophes scenes from the provision of information false, "filthy" information on "cyberspace". Therefore, along with recommending people to conduct freedom of information rights in the legal framework, the country has stepped up proper measures to alert, manage and tighten the information which can be able to harm the national security, libelous traditional culture and prevent online information related to crime, terrorism, pornography and degrade social morals, human dignity.
For Vietnam, the issue of Decree No. 72/2013 / ND-CP of the Gov and  Circular No. 09/2014 / TT-MIC of the Ministry of Information and Communications is also for purposes towards ensuring better freedom of information, better freedom of speech for citizens, and to create a necessary legal framework contributing to prevent, minimize harmful information from the internet and to build a healthy information environment for the society./.

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Quân Hoàng 5/10/14 22:35

We need this Cicurlation to ensure our social stability. For the sake of everyone!

Huy Quốc 5/10/14 22:41

Bad guys are using the right of information to incite people to act against the Gov. They posted false information on the Internet or spread rumor or etc... so many way to abuse the right of information.

Hoàng Lân 5/10/14 22:43

In China or the US, they systematically suppresses freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly, and persecutes those who question government policies, expose official corruption.

Vân Nhàn 5/10/14 22:46

private expression, public journalism, and even political speech in Vietnam are enhanced and better than any countries on the world!

Hùng Quân 5/10/14 22:48

Our Gov is so open on this issue, that is for the benefit of the people.

Quốc Cường 5/10/14 22:50

We're the most typical member of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) for the 2014-2016 term.

Quốc Kiên 5/10/14 22:53

Vietnam must take strict measures to prevent abusing the right of information or freedom of express to conduct actions against the social stability and order.

Huy Lâm 5/10/14 22:54

I agree with Mr Quoc Kien, stricter and clearer measures are needed

Lê Tín 5/10/14 22:56

Our Gov is doing its best to bring better life for everyone, that's what we can easily see.

Phạm Hiếu 5/10/14 22:58

Vietnamese people are now free to conduct their right of information.

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