Depoliticizing armed forces– the old trick of hostile forces

                                                             The Vietnamese People's Army

Whenever we are preparing for our Party Congress or other national important political events, the hostile forces thrust the anti-state activities in order to divide the bloc of national unity, to split the Party and the State, armed forces, with consistent goal is to eliminate socialism that we are building and protecting. It’s a pity that there are not a few people, including former officers, senior leaders of the Party, State and armed forces who has been trapped by this wicked tricks, and support for false allegations, including: "Vietnamese armed forces today, in terms of all aspects, is of the people, by the people, not the Party!”
V.I. Lenin had shown that all the political parties, the bourgeois government use the military to protect their class’s interests. So, the claims that: " neutralized armed forces", "military doesn’t engage in politics" are just false slogans of hostile forces; Therefore, demanding "neutralized armed forces" is just distortion, deception and to conceal their dangerous intrigue of "depoliticizing" armed forces.
Both theoretical and practical history of class societies shows that the State and the army are the products of class society; the ruling class is always seeking to control armed forces as a violent tool for class struggle. The political parties have been using the state to hold the armed forces to fulfill political objectives. It is not only in socialist institutions, but also very popular in countries under capitalist institutions.
The collapse of the socialist system in the Soviet Union had given a painful lesson on building the political nature of the armed forces. Leaving the view of Marxism - Leninism of building new model of military, especially with the betrayal of some leaders, the Soviet army had carried out the policy of "neutralizing", cancelling leadership of the Party to the military. Therefore, the military quickly had no base to stand on, especially the base of thoughts, and quickly became disabled before the "peace movement" of imperialism and hostile forces. In the end, there were no core forces to protect the achievements of the October Revolution, the achievement of many generations of Soviet people had built.
70 years of building and developing, our military and other armed forces have been associated with the leadership of the Party. From very first days, our Party and President Ho Chi Minh have been cared much about building the army with the nature of working class, the people and the nation. Things can change but the principle of the absolute, direct leadership of the Party, on all aspects, to military is unchangeable. In any circumstances, we must keen on the principle to build political nature of the military and other armed forces. Every thoughts and actions to weaken the Party's leadership over the military, must be exposed and destroyed resolutely.
From these above issues, we can affirm that, the people who said " Vietnamese armed forces today, in terms of all aspects, is of the people, by the people, not the Party " are distorting reality, hiding the dangerous intrigue to split the party and the army, to strip of the Party’s leadership over the military and then to abolish the Party leadership to society, creating grounds for enemy forces to completely abolish the socialist regime. This is still the old strick, but be carried out under the name of "promoting internal democracy, upholding the autonomy of commanding officers, whether military personnel or politicians" in the hope of making thought disturbance, sowing doubt, inciting hatred, advocating anti-state activities. In the near term, they want to destroy the Party Congress at all levels and in the long run is "depoliticizing" our troops and other armed forces. But this act only bring excitement to those who’re shallow, gullible, or ambiguous, and dissatisfied with the regime, but we still need to raise the alert to avoid the trap of the hostile forces.
To expose deception in military construction, especially building the political nature of the army, firstly, we must enhance vigilance, raise awareness and political responsibility in implementing democratic rights and civic duties; on the other hand, we must build the army well-trained in politics, importantly is to maintain and enhance the absolute, direct leadership of the Party, on all aspects over the military; innovating political education in both content and form to make every soldier steadfast with the goal of national independence and socialism; ensuring that our troops are political forces, the loyal and trusty fighting forces of the Party, State and people in the construction and protection the independence, sovereignty, unity, integrity of the national territory./.

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Hùng Quân 16/10/14 21:59

The VPA, the core of the Vietnam people’s armed forces, is an army from the people and for the people, and ready to sacrifice their own lives for “the independence and freedom of the Homeland, for socialism and for the happiness of the people.”

Huy Lâm 16/10/14 22:01

"Determined to win."

Quốc Cường 16/10/14 22:04

Vietnamese people always proud of the Army for their victory in wars of protecting the country's independence.

Quốc Kiên 16/10/14 22:08

In its early days, the first regular troops of Vietnam attained resounding feats of arms, liberating large areas to establish the bases for the struggle for independence, beginning the VPA's tradition of “determined to fight and determined to win

Lê Tín 16/10/14 22:11

The power of the Army is also the power of the whole nation, the entire Party, People and the Army have always been a united bloc when the enemy invading the country.

Vân Nhàn 16/10/14 22:16

Not only protecting our own country, but the Army also do the international obligation.

Phạm Hiếu 16/10/14 22:18

Yes, that right Ms Van Nhan. In response to an urgent appeal from the Cambodian people and the Kampuchean National United Front for National Salvation, Vietnam’s military volunteers, along with the Cambodian armed forces, annihilated 21 Pol Pot divisions and put an end to this brutal genocide regime.

Hoàng Lân 16/10/14 22:21

So many young Vietnamese soldiers had died for the liberation and peace of Cabodia.

Huy Quốc 16/10/14 22:22

When the country embarked upon the period of peace and construction, the VPA adjusted its organizational structure and equipment, and downsized its strength by nearly two thirds.

Quân Hoàng 16/10/14 22:25

Our Army is an heroic army. They will do their job as better as they have done and as the expectation of the people.

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