Cybersecurity protection activities to be put into law


The Ministry of Public Security is gathering public comments on a draft law on cybersecurity which is expected to build a sound cyberspace and protect national defense and security as well as lawful rights and interests of organizations and individuals operating in cyberspace.

The draft provides for principles, measures and contents of cybersecurity work, activities to ensure performance of this work, and responsibilities of agencies, organizations and individuals involved in the management, provision and use of cyberspace and cybersecurity protection of the country.

According to the draft, cybersecurity protection measures include measures to protect national security, cybersecurity operation measures, operational measures in cyberspace, and others. The Government would be responsible for making clear the contents, conditions, competence, order, procedures, and responsibilities for application of these measures.

In addition, the draft lists five prohibited acts, namely: using cyberspace to infringe upon national sovereignty, interests and security or social safety and order; posting information that goes against the Vietnamese State or infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of organizations and individuals or is contrary to the nation’s fine moral traditions; illegally acceding or appropriating information and documents; cyberattack; and cyberterrorism.

Worthy of note, the draft law devotes a separate chapter to cybersecurity protection activities, such as preventing and fighting the use of cyberspace to infringe upon national security; protecting important information on national security; forecasting and responding to cybersecurity incidents; formulating standards and technical regulations on cybersecurity; and licensing of the provision of cybersecurity assurance services.

Regarding conditions for licensing provision of cybersecurity assurance services, the draft states the head of a cybersecurity assurance service establishment must not be a minor, a person having his civil act capacity restricted or lost, a person against whom criminal proceedings have been initiated and who is subject to investigation, prosecution or trial by proceeding-conducting bodies, or a person banned from holding certain positions or practicing certain occupations.

Meanwhile, such establishment would have to meet requirements on qualifications of technical employees; descriptions of service provision plans; and suitable physical foundations and equipment.

The draft is open for public comment through August 8 at and
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Gentle Moon 27/6/17 23:07

We need this law, the country is at high risk of cyberattacks and already being impacted by hackers.

MaskOf Zero 27/6/17 23:10

In order to fight against this threat, Vietnam recently joined 13 other countries for information safety drills at the 2015 ASEAN Computer Emergency Response Team Incident Drills (ACID).

Jane smartnic 27/6/17 23:12

This law is needed to protect freedom of Internet users!

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