Offenders in Dong Tam must be handled in accordance with the law


The Investigation Police Agency of Hanoi has launched criminal investigation over Dong Tam case, in which residents illegally captured police officials as hostages to ask city leaders to sold land dispute in My Duc district.
According to the decision, the agency will criminally investigate the case for charges with arresting, keeping or detaining people illegally under the Article 123 of the Criminal Code and destroying or deliberately damaging properties as per the Article 134 of the code. The investigation is focusing on the illegal detention of 38 police officers and officials and acts of vandalism allegedly committed by some aggressive individuals in Hoanh village, Dong Tam commune.
At present, the agency is working with authorized agencies to investigate and clarify the case to strictly violations as per the law. Under Vietnamese law, anyone found guilty of illegal detention can face up to five years in prison.
On April 15, a number of residents in Dong Tam commune smashed cars, illegally arrested 38 policemen and officials to oppose local authorities’ way of solving their complaints and denouncements relating to Senh field land reclamation. The detained men comprising officials of My Duc district and policemen were kept at Hoanh village’s Cultural House.
On April 24, Hanoi People’s Committee chairman Nguyen Duc Chung directly came to Hoanh village to talk and was welcomed by villagers who then set free the remaining of 19 officials.
At the meeting, Mr. Chung committed to not make clear responsibilities of officials relating to the arrest and hurt of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh and clarifying whether Senh field in the commune belongs to national defense land and handling cases in accordance with the laws.
Subsequently, Mr. Chung said that the city had decided to comprehensively inspect land management and use in the Senh field within 45 days. Inspection results would be publicized.
After the decision, many individuals at home and abroad have criticized the Hanoi authorities and Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung for not keeping promise not to prosecute residents who took part into capturing policemen. Lawyers like Trần Vũ Hải and some other lawyers have jumped into the case for their own benefits.
They should keep calm and consider carefully that criminals, even naïve farmers and residents, must be punished to protect the rule of law, no one stands above the law. Let the authorities do their jobs and those who violated laws will be dealt with it./.

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