Public citizens able to observe NA meetings

Public citizens will soon be given the chance to access National Assembly meetings, said Nguyen Hanh Phuc, Chairman of National Assembly Office.
“The NA Office is preparing facilities so that normal citizens will be able to observe the activities of National Assembly deputies at the year-end NA session or next year,” he told Phap Luat Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh (HCM City Law) newspaper.
Hoang Minh Hieu, head of Information Department of the National Assembly Office, said a plan to receive guests has been set up since the head office of the Vietnam NA was put into operation in October 2014.
Many people have visited the NA Office over the past two years, Hieu said, however, none of the visits were while the NA was in session.
He noted that only some groups of visitors have been allowed to observe NA meetings.
According to Phuc, the public has accessed the NA through different channels of information.
The number of NA session live broadcasts has increased substantially, not only at the opening or closing ceremony but also at Q&A sessions covering issues of common concern to voters, he said.
“Public citizens and voters have the right to observe and closely watch activities of the NA or its deputies,” he said, adding that it could be impossible to occur at the old NA building.
The NA Office is completing a regulation on visiting and observing the NA, he said. Once it is finished, every citizen will be able to register for this purpose.
Under the draft regulation, all visits to the NA Building will be held on weekdays.
When the NA is not in session, the NA headquarters is open to foot traffic.
Anyone wishing to observe NA meetings should have a letter of recommendation from a NA deputy or submit an official letter with the Information Department of the NA Office.
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