PM: Action, not words, must be taken to build facilitative government

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that a facilitative and incorruptible government must be built by action, not by words only, as he met with voters in the port city of Hai Phong on June 26.
He told the audience at the Bach Dang Club, a gathering of former officials at government agencies in Hai Phong, that action must be taken across the board, from the top all the way down to the grass-root level where the people work directly with the authorities.
Hai Phong voters spoke highly of PM Phuc’s enthusiasm and his devotion to the issues facing the country in the past year as head of government, especially his two dialogues with the business community and his visits to numerous provinces throughout the country.
But they also expressed their concerns over the country’s drawbacks, besides its positive socio-economic development results, hoping that the government and the parliament will implement improved measures in order to meet voters’ expectations.
For his part, PM Phuc thanked the Hai Phong voters for their confidence in him and briefed them on the success of his recent visits to Japan and the United States, affirming Vietnam’s position on the international stage.
Responding to questions regarding the twelve loss-making State-invested projects, the prime minister emphasised the government’s stance that lost assets must be quickly recovered and those responsible for the losses will be severely punished.
At the meeting, PM Phuc also answered voters’ queries concerning a number of other notable issues, such as tourism development in the Son Tra Peninsula, the fight against corruption and the East Sea issue, amongst others.
The same day, the prime minister also visited the 99-year-old veteran revolutionary Nguyen Thi Minh and Colonel Phan Quoc Dung, chairman of the Hai Phong Association of AO Victims.
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Deck Hero14 26/6/17 20:54

I do believe in our Prime Minister

MaskOf Zero 26/6/17 20:57

Vietnam’s determination to build a facilitative and incorruptible government is strong

Love Peace 26/6/17 20:59

I think Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s establishment of the Working Group is an innovative idea to realise his message of a helpful government whose words match its actions

Pack Cassiopian 26/6/17 21:00

This is a new model.

Only Solidar 26/6/17 21:02

In the quarter, ministries and agencies have made great efforts in completing the task of developing and promulgating legal documents.

Gentle Moon 26/6/17 21:03

'Action, not words', I like him

John Smith 26/6/17 21:04

Ministers and Heads of agencies shall have to direct and take full responsibility for institutional development and improvement

Jane smartnic 26/6/17 21:06

The businessmen and intellectuals took the time to thank the government leader and state that they were impressed with Vietnam’s development and international integration.

yobro yobro 26/6/17 21:07

a facilitative and incorruptible government must be built by action

LawrenceSamuels 26/6/17 21:09

We're on right way to build a strong Gov and the nation

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