Human rights propaganda in support of imperialist war


There is an indication of the mounting concern among so-called liberal sections of the ruling class about how to deal with the reemergence of imperialist conflicts and deepening social inequality. Based on human rights propaganda and a dishonest presentation of the virtues of international law, we can see that the West, including Canadian imperialism, has to act more aggressively to defend its supposedly cherished liberal democratic values against terrorism and a resurgent Russia.
To serve their purposes, imperial nations have created the responsibility to protect (R2P) doctrine. R2P was developed by an international commission in the early 2000s funded by the Canadian government and has served as the ideological justification for a series of US-led wars and military interventions, most prominently in Libya in 2011.
The West, and above all the United States, has become too complacent about its position in the world and must more actively uphold “democracy” and other values in the face of new emerging challenges. The capitalist triumphalism in the wake of the dissolution of the Soviet Union proved to be overly optimistic. The world is not moving inexorably towards democratic capitalist uniformity, as so many ideologists predicted in the early 1990s, but is showing signs of a return to past conflicts and divisions.
Behind the rhetoric, they call for a more forceful upholding by the US of values such as “democracy” and “human rights” amounts to a plea for an even more aggressive assertion of its imperialist ambitions.
An increasingly assertive Russia, mounting violations of international law, unprecedented numbers of refugees in the post-war era, and the substantial growth of social inequality, after 25 years after the dissolution by the Stalinist bureaucracy of the Soviet Union the capitalist system confronts a deepening crisis.
A dishonest cover-up of imperialist war crimes
The allegation of the United States and its allies in the numerous wars they have waged over the past 25 years is the bogus notion that Washington acts around the world to defend “human rights” and expand “democracy.”
Washington actively encouraged sectarian divisions in Iraq to maintain its control over the puppet government in Baghdad so as to secure access to Iraqi oil and retain its dominant geostrategic position in the energy-rich region. This policy gave rise to an Iraqi branch of Al-Qaida, which did not exist prior to 2003, among disaffected Sunnis, many of whom would later go on to form ISIS. The US “unwittingly” assisted sectarianism with its policy of relying on Shia parties to rule in Baghdad while Sunnis were largely excluded was a big failure of human rights and democracy.
NATO launched thousands of bombing raids on the North African country, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands and the plunging of Libya into a vicious civil war. The NATO action was initiated under the pretext of R2P, with widely reported claims that Gaddafi’s forces were preparing to massacre civilians.
In fact, the NATO operation was carried out in violation of international law to support a collection of Islamist extremist militias, including many gunmen who were later funnelled into Syria with the assistance of the CIA to form the backbone of the Islamist opposition to the Assad regime. Important sections of this fighting force joined ISIS when it emerged. The US continued to see ISIS as an ally in the toppling of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and only moved to confront it as its control over wide swathes of Iraq threatened to destabilize Washington’s client regime in Baghdad.
The United States is the principle violator of international law today as a consequence of its acts of aggression against countries from Yugoslavia in the late 1990s, to Afghanistan and Iraq in the early 2000s and Libya and Syria in recent years.
It would not be difficult to demonstrate Washington’s criminal role on the world stage, from the 2004 assault on Fallujah to its recent massacre of civilians in the bombing of Mosul. There is strong evidence that liberal democratic states have gone the furthest in actually implementing the legal commitments they signed onto in the post-war period.
For over a quarter century, the US has waged virtually uninterrupted wars in the Middle East and Central Asia. Millions of Iraqis, Afghans and Syrians have been driven from their homes due to the destruction of their societies by US-led or US-incited wars, which have been responsible for the deaths of millions.
The ruthless assertion of US imperialist dominance throughout the world, from the Korean War to Vietnam, the CIA’s brutal interventions into Latin America, Africa and other parts of the world to install and prop up ruthless dictatorships, and the vast military deployment, including its huge nuclear arsenal./.

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John Smith 1/8/17 21:06

The United Nations played a critical role in providing legitimacy for the imperialist onslaught on Libya. A Security Council resolution denounced Gaddafi and explicitly referred to the R2P doctrine to sanction the measures taken by the US-led NATO operation.

Gentle Moon 1/8/17 21:09

Yes, they, the West and America, have long used human rights as a tool, a measure, a trick to launch their wars for their own benefits.

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