Reactionary portraits: SBTN - A propaganda tool of anti-Vietnam forces


Saigon Broadcasting Television Network, abbreviated SBTN, is a Vietnamese language channel geared towards Vietnamese audiences living outside of Vietnam. This so-called television network was established in 2001 in Orange County, California by Trúc Hồ, founder and CEO of SBTN who is also known as radical songwriter and self-claimed human rights activist in the Vietnamese community. SBTN is alleged to have local affiliates in Boston, Massachusetts (Boston Vietnamese Media), Washington, D.C. (SBTN-DC), Dallas, Texas (SBTN DFW), and Honolulu, Hawaii. It claims to provide television programs in the field of Vietnamese history, news, culture, economics, talk shows, children's shows, sitcoms, games shows; Production of radio and television programs primarily, aiming to help preserve Vietnamese culture for Vietnamese populations living abroad. But is it really right that way? Unfortunately not.
 Presided by Trúc Hồ, an extreme anti-Vietnam element, who has held many anti-Vietnamese activities abroad. Trúc Hồ was born April 2, 1964 and is a musician turned producer, most famous for his series of musical variety shows entitled "Asia" (produced by his company Asia Entertainment, Inc.) which performed a lot of sentimental lyrics songs written under the former regime in the South Vietnam in Vietnam war. These songs and performance have been ban in Vietnam for unsuitable lyrics.
 Trúc Hồ even claimed himself as an activist for "human rights and democracy in Vietnam". SBTN’s personnel are also radical individuals who are ready to do anything for benefits such as Dieu Quyen - SBTN Anchor, Bao Chau - SBTN Anchor, Victoria To Uyen - SBTN Show Host & Anchor, Tuong Thang - SBTN Host, Do Phu - SBTN Host, Christine Anh Thơ (Correspondent for SBTN / The Victoria To Uyen Show), Kiyra Lynn (Correspondent for SBTN / The Victoria To Uyen Show). SBTN typical conservative campaign named "One Million Hearts, One Voice" collected over 135,000 signatures from 63 nations on a petition to be presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council. It is looked as these activities helping him to polish his fame among overseas Vietnamese community.
 SBTN and Trúc Hồ have operated in link with many hostile forces. They have received financial supports from the U.S. organizations and other anti-Vietnamese groups like Viet Tan - a notorious terrorist one. From 2012, key members of SBTN broadcaster backed by Viet Tan have launched many campaigns in the name of supporting for human rights in Vietnam. By these tricks, they have gathered a big fortune from naïve Vietnamese who still keep a prejudice and biased view about Vietnam.
The contributions to the struggle for human rights in Vietnam has only 16% of the total amount paid out although the call for contributions, SBTN always given the impression that the purpose of the contribution is to help human rights defenders in Vietnam.
A significant amount of these contributions has sponsored Viet Tan members, including Vietnamese prisoners and fugitives who violated laws. Many grantees are strange characters, no struggle for human rights achievements. This can have a serious violation of US law.

Money in support of candidates accounted for 19% of total expenditure. The largest amount in any amount, 22% of total spending, is to pay their SBTN people. If you count the cost of the singer Asia, the musical concert performed by SBTN, and transportation costs for those who eat at the Tan SBTN and Vietnam, the figure increased to 44%.
It is not clear that the cash contributions have been fully and publicly declared or not. If not, how much money had been spent and on what? This is the information that many people who gave donors don’t know.
SBTN held numerous fundraisers under the name of supporting the struggle for human rights in Vietnam. For example, see Vietnam News bulletins "NS Truc Ho & SBTN Fundraiser Helps Those In The Struggle VN"; Truc Ho and Vietnam Dzung at fundraisers for the struggle in Vietnam, May 11, 2013 at Eden Center, Falls Church; Fundraiser May 11, 2013 at Eden Center, Falls Church. However, no one has received a report of the amount was transferred to the struggle in the country.
 SBTN usually posted and produced videos, clips, footages that contain distorted and slanderous information about the Party and State of Vietnam. They misguided people about the real situation of Vietnam’s human rights. They have abused sensitive matters like the South China sea disputes, Formosa toxic disaster, etc to incite people protest and cause chaos and instabilities in Vietnam. People, at home and abroad, must be careful not to be deceived by them and boycott their shows and campaigns. Do not give away your money uselessly when you do not know where it goes. Stop being sheep and contribute rightly for the country./.

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John Smith 17/8/17 18:34

This is totally a propaganda tool of Viet Tan - a terrorist group that people have known through Nguyen Thanh Tu's letters.

Gentle Moon 17/8/17 18:38

SBTN is abused by many hostile forces against Vietnam's government. Its director Truc Ho has carried out many media campaigns to oppose the Party and State of Vietnam. So cheap media station!

yobro yobro 17/8/17 18:47

The US should manage SBTN's operations that cause damages to other nations.

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