People with actions against national interests (Part 2 and end)

The more we can not understand how the shape of the “freedom of the press and speech” for them is because of the explosive growth of journalism in Vietnam over time not only demonstrated by the rapidly increasing, numbers of publications products, electronic news sites, radios and televisions... but also in reality, the press has become a broad forum of the people, where people can comment and argue with the policies of the Party, State and local authorities. Press is also a mean to protect the legitimate interests of the people and do law enforcement surveillance... So the media in Vietnam has been increasingly promoting as an important tool in protecting and promoting the values ​​of human rights.
Thus it is difficult to misunderstand the goals of activities which “calls for human rights, freedom” or something to Vietnam that “civil society groups” are carrying out. It just aims at discrediting the government, society regime and ruling party. They exhorted “freedom of the press, freedom of expression” as their propaganda just to easily attract, gather force, entice many people to join to associations and unions that they had established. They demanded a “healthy civil society” comes from none other engine - which is to promote the formation of political institutions with “pluralistic, multi-party opposition” in Vietnam, but the premise is the establishment of political civil society organizations.
Furthermore, the group of civic activists put the wrong distorted information with political motivation about Vietnam to international community will cause misconception about Vietnam. More deplorable, while the leaders, Vietnamese and overseas people are united effort to enlist the support of the international community to serve the diplomatic struggle with China in protesting wrongdoings of this country in the South China Sea, there are those who seek to disrupt, make such information, affecting the right to enjoy the prestige of the country.
As citizens of Vietnam but with actions contrary to national interests, such peoples, whether they should “wear the shirt of human rights”, attaching “labels” of patriotic paersonalities or lawyers to launch  campaign to international community for Vietnam, if it is reliable or not? And we do not know that what takes them as the world's human rights advocacy for Vietnam?
We also need to know which civil society groups did four civil activists to Geneva attended plenary session of UPR represent. They are “No-U FC Hanoi”, “No-U FC Saigon” which provoked protests against China the last time, disturbing public order and giving the transmission articles, distorting the lines and policies of the Party and the State, violating the laws of Vietnam. The remaining groups as “Civil Society Forum”, “Vietnam IWUV Association”, “The Fellowship of political prisoners and Vietnam Religion”... also had a long “performance” against the Vietnam government.
Furthermore, allegations of this group claimed that 45 recommendations from countries and the international organizations unaccepted by Vietnam were recommendations relating to the core or serious issue of human rights. Indeed they were unfounded recommendations, not reflect the real situation or express prejudice so Vietnam should not approved. Meanwhile, Vietnam has approved 182 of the total 227 recommendations that countries and international organizations raised during the second universal periodic review cycle towards Vietnam (80.17%). This has been a very high approval rate in the operating history of the UPR mechanism of the Human Rights Council. Regarding Vietnam approved a large number of recommendations derived from the consistent policies and a strong commitment to ensure and promote human rights in Vietnam. It is an earnest, sincere, open determination in the field of human rights enforcement.
Moreover, while claiming that they should not put too many expectations on the UPR mechanism, underestimating the effectiveness of the UN Human Rights Council, they at the same time took advantage of this mechanism to deny Vietnam’s achievements in human rights. They also declared that “we ourselves decide and mobilize human rights issue... do not count on international support”. But they are doing the work that to implement the European campaign for human rights in Vietnam, calling the countries pay “more participation in the UPR process” to put pressure on Vietnam. Paradox and contradiction are understandable because “incorrect causes leading to weak words”.

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Hoàng Lân 3/7/14 21:21

It could be said that we have done well in presenting our national report and conducting dialogues on human rights before the UN Human Rights Council.

Hùng Quân 3/7/14 21:22

Vietnam has provided diverse and full information on the country’s human rights situation, reflecting its seriousness in observing the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism.

Quốc Cường 3/7/14 21:23

A majority of countries welcomed Vietnam’s efforts over the past years to carry out its commitments since the first cycle review.

Huy Lâm 3/7/14 21:25

Vn got outstanding achievements in building a law-governed state which is clearly seen in the amended 1992 Constitution adopted by the Vietnamese National Assembly on November 28, 2013, socio-economic progress, poverty reduction and hunger alleviation, implementing the Millennium Development Goals, ensuring the rights of vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities, women and children.

Phạm Hiếu 3/7/14 21:26

In general, other countries appreciated Vietnam’s commitment, seriousness, active approach and responsibility for building and presenting its UPR report.

Quốc Kiên 3/7/14 21:27

As a member of the UN Human Rights Council, Vietnam wants to make positive contributions to the process of dialogue and cooperation on the basis of equality, thus facilitating the development of all countries.

Vân Nhàn 3/7/14 21:30

This high percentage demonstrates Viet Nam's seriousness, openness and determination in promoting and protecting human rights,

Lê Tín 3/7/14 21:31

Viet Nam supported recommendations based on its consistent policy and commitment to the international community on human rights, particularly voluntary commitments as a member of the Human Rights Council.

Huy Quốc 3/7/14 21:33

regretted the efforts of several non-governmental organisations to use the UN mechanism to downplay Viet Nam's human rights achievements.

Quân Hoàng 3/7/14 21:34

Viet Nam would continue to hold constructive dialogues and co-operate with international organisations, especially UN human rights mechanisms, to expose such erroneous views.

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