Vietnam takes measures to protect detained fishermen

            China coast guard forces attacked and detained Vietnam fishermen on Vietnam waters

Six fishermen and their fishing boat QNg 94912 TS from central Quang Ngai province are being detained in Sanya Port, Sanya city, China’s Hainan province, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Le Hai Binh has reported.

At a regular press conference in Hanoi on July 10, Binh informed that at 9 a.m on July 10, officials from the Vietnamese Consulate General in Guangzhou made a consular visit to the fishermen and took necessary protection measures.

The fishermen’s health is good and the Consulate General is working closely with Hainan’s competent agencies to clarify issues related to the case, the spokesperson said.

The Vietnamese fishermen and their fishing boat were captured by the Chinese side on July 3.-VNA
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Quân Hoàng 10/7/14 21:25

China bastard! You're cruel thieves!

Hùng Quân 10/7/14 21:29

It's hard to understand what is going on the East Sea. China illegally enters our waters and attacks our fishermen. They even announced that Vietnam is disrupting their normal operations.

Huy Quốc 10/7/14 21:32

Poor our fishermen who are being detained by China's forces. We demand China immediately release our citizens and back off Vietnam waters.

Vân Nhàn 10/7/14 21:36

China don't want to follow international rule and law, they just want to have best interests and natural resources by any means.

Hoàng Lân 10/7/14 21:41

We need more measures to protect our fishermen when they're fishing on the sea from China's threats, such as building more iron and large-capacity ships, giving them low interest loans...

Phạm Hiếu 10/7/14 21:46

Be strong fishermen! You will be saved and come back with your family soon. You're now the soldiers who are fighting on the sea. We are always with you!

Huy Lâm 10/7/14 21:49

I think we should detain some Chinese fishermen who are always illegally fishing on our waters, robbing our fishery resources and attacking our fishermen.

Quốc Cường 10/7/14 21:54

I do like your idea Mr Huy Lam, let China reap what they sow!

Lê Tín 10/7/14 21:59

I'm thinking about their family at home, they're very nervous and looking their husband, their father to come back home... They really need our support spiritually and materially.

Quốc Kiên 10/7/14 22:03

Yes, I agree with Mr Le Tin, you and I, everyone and the Government should immediately provide assistance for detained fishermen and their family.

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