President: "Definitely protect what belong to us"


This is the President’s affirmation during his visit to encourage and work with Da Nang fishermen and fishery control platoon 3.

At the tension time with China over the China illegally installed its oil rig in Vietnam waters, we are seeing our Party and Sate are doing their utmost to protect the country sovereignty and peaceful life of Vietnamese people. We are proud of being lead by the Party and State and our leader.

On July 2, in Da Nang City, President Truong Tan Sang led the group of the central and local leaders to encourage and work with fishermen in Da Nang and fishery control platoon 3 (stationed in Son Tra district, Da Nang city).
At the meeting with 25 ship-owners, the President listened to concerns and aspirations of the ship-owners representing 1,130 ship-owners and more than 10 thousands of fishermen in Da Nang. Ship-owners expressed their gratitude to the Party and State for the encouragement and support for fishermen, particularly when China blatantly installed
Haiyang Shiyou 981 rigs in waters of our country’s sovereignty.
Speaking before the President, on behalf of the owner, Mr. Le Van Chien, ship owners and the captain of the fishing boat 90 351 DNA promised to continue with other fishermen to conduct fishery, protect the traditional fishing ground of Paracel and defend sovereignty country. Fishermen required China to withdraw the rig off Vietnam’s water, and immediately stop the brazen acts, preventing Vietnam fishermen fishing on our own sovereign waters.
                          President Truong Tan Sang meets with fishermen
Also in his speech, Mr. Chien has presented the President with 3 difficulties that fishermen are facing. First, over recent time, fishermen have always been chased, harassed by Chinese ships, especially since the time China blatantly installed Haiyang Shiyou 981 rigs in waters of our country’s sovereignty. Therefore, fishermen are facing many difficulties in catching. Second, the resources of the sea seemed almost exhausted, so the benefit is not as much as before. Third, the fisheries prices are not stable, so fishermen are now operating at a loss.

Mr. Truong Van Hay, owner of the ship 90 235 expressed his desire to be cared more by the Party and State. The first is the need to address early on consumption of aquatic products for fishermen. Secondly, if there is policy of iron, large-capacity ship building for fishermen, the Party and State should make the policies transparent and effective, should not be cumbersome, making it difficult for fishermen. Thirdly, in the future, the Party and State send more ships and Coast Guard to the sea, closely with fishermen, so fishermen to be more confident in catching duties in the area that is illegally entered by Chinese forces, to keep traditional fishing grounds and the waters of national sovereignty.
Noting the comments and desires of Da Nang ship owners and fishermen and fishermen throughout the country, President Truong Tan Sang said the Party and State, and millions of Vietnamese people are concerned and watching the fishermen fishing in the sea, especially in hot spots of Hoang Sa. President welcomed courage, not afraid of hardships and difficulties of the fishermen.
President Sang remarked that Vietnamese people have upheld the heroic traditions in every difficult situation because they always keep in their minds that there is no concession with Viet Nam’s territorial sovereignty.  In addition, he emphasised that the Party, the State, the government, and the central agencies will always provide active support for Vietnamese fishermen, especially those who conduct fishing activities in the traditional Hoang Sa and Truong Sa fishing grounds.
President Sang encouraged local fishermen to continue to fish in Viet Nam’s waters because Vietnamese coastguard and fisheries surveillance forces will stand side by side with them.  He added that the National Assembly has decided to provide more financial assistance from the State budget to fishermen across the country.  In addition, they will be able to access preferential loans from the central government’s 10 trillion VND credit package to build more high-capacity fishing boats.  Also, lending procedures will be simplified and quicker for fishermen.
On the same day, the national leader also met with representatives from the city’s Fisheries Surveillance Agency Zone 2.  He highly praised its members for their admirable bravery when they are fulfilling their law enforcement missions in the Hoang Sa waters.
To uphold the national spirit, the State leader stressed the need for local fisheries surveillance members to stand shoulder to shoulder with Vietnamese maritime police officers to continue the righteous struggle for the country’s legitimate sovereignty.   In addition, they will be responsible for supporting Vietnamese fishermen at sea so that they can earn a living to support their families as well as contribute towards fostering the country’s economic progress.  Mr Sang also encouraged local fishermen to keep calm and uphold their ingenuity to avoid confrontations with the Chinese.  Furthermore, he remarked that all Vietnamese people and international friends strongly support the Fisheries Surveillance Force.  Despite the possibility of more complicated situations in the East Sea, the Party and the State of Viet Nam always believe that the Force’s members will fulfil their assigned tasks well.
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Phạm Hiếu 6/7/14 21:31

The President and other of our leaders are so great!

Lê Tín 6/7/14 21:37

We are telling the world that Vietnam is a peace-lovers country. We just want to solve this problem peacefully.

Quốc Kiên 6/7/14 21:44

Our leaders are so restrained. If they were not, there would be clashes between Vietnam and China forces on the sea, and it is easy to be a war.

Huy Lâm 6/7/14 21:50

But I wonder how long can we being restrained if China continue to use its forces to threaten our fishermen and other forces. Recently, they had attacked and arrested 6 Vietnamese fishermen when they were fishing on the area near Paracel.

Quốc Cường 6/7/14 21:55

Chinese people are poisoned with a thought that they can rule the world with their strength of military forces.

Hùng Quân 6/7/14 22:01

With our Party and State leading, Vietnam will defeat all the enemy that invade our country, even they bigger or stronger than us.

Quân Hoàng 6/7/14 22:13

The Party and State are trying to protect the "rice bowl" for fishermen on the sea and provide good conditions and protection for fishermen.

Vân Nhàn 6/7/14 22:24

The President's visiting fishermen in Da Nang would stimulate all the fishermen and their family to continue their work on the sea. This is very necessary act of our President.

Huy Quốc 6/7/14 22:33

We must have policies to help our fishermen such as iron, large-capacity ship building. We need to do it quick and effectively.

Hoàng Lân 6/7/14 22:41

There are a lot of work to do to protect our country from China's claw so all of us, the Party and State and every Vietnamese people have to be solid and helping each others. I do believe in the Party and State leading and I love our leaders!

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