What is “independent union”?

Our country has just celebrated 89 years on the Vietnam Revolutionary Journalism with the growth and development of the country's newspapers and more than 21,000 members of Journalists Association. However it was ridiculous as many democrats” acclaimed and called for establishment the so-called independent journalistfor bloggers who are anti-democratic to the State without any true report. These people also call themselves independent journalists” attended a meeting so-called “demanding press freedom in Vietnamand defiantly demanded changing of the Vietnamese traditional press day from June 21 to May 3.
Early last June, the democrats” screamed again to resurrect ghosts of “independent trade unions- a reactionary organization by Nguyen Van Dai, launched in 2006 that its ringleaders had been treated for violations of criminal law. Taking advantage of the event when many workers protested illegally and had more aggressive behavior after the China’s illegal deployment of oil rig Hai Duong 981 in the continental shelf and the EEZ of Vietnam, they co-odinated with 17 civil society organization” to campaigne for re-establishment of “Vietnam independent trade unionrepresenting for “millions of workers are being exploited ...(?!). They distorted and denied the large role of the General Federation of Labor in Vietnam and they fool only really practical to protect the rights of workers. They also called for foreign intervention to make pressure on Vietnam that if we want to participate in the Economic Partnership Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Strategic (TPP), Vietnam must approve the “independent trade unions”.
Recently, many organizations in Vietnam are born with the name “independent”. Many associations and unions with  different charter, goals and programs but there are common points that they want to remove the leadership of the Vietnam Communist Party and the State's management, misrepresenting the political system, establishing organizations, associations opposed to the authority of the political system. They direct at many different objects such as youth, women, lawyers, writers, journalists, workers, farmers with very beautiful name: Young democrats, The human rights for women, Society of conscious prisoners, The independent journalists, Independent trade unions, The independent art, The independent cinema... The evil forces are inciting or misrepresenting that Vietnam violates rights for freedom of associations, calling on other countries make pressure conditions when Vietnam joins the TPP.
Constitution and laws of Vietnam always respect freedom of associations. Nobody will be limited if the associations he attend are really for the people, real benefit of the people. No one is permitted to establish independent organizations, but from independence becoming opposition to the political system meaning that it makes itself in opposition to the interests of the people, contrary to the framework allowed by law.
First of all, we can see immediately that all these organizations are not new, progressive or urgent to establish. Vietnam’s political system now has full organizations representing for every levels of society. Moreover, the social and political organizations and mass organizations are paid attention by the Party, the State to facilitate all aspects of operations, contributing actively to the cause of building and defending the country. Although in a number of organizations are still drawbacks, but comparable to the above-mentioned ones we will see that these organizations are more harmful.

In fact, the independent organizations only represents for a group of  negative and dissatisfied people, they want to gather forces to perform the dark intrigues. Whether they intentionally expand by the labels of artists and wellknown intellectuals but they are never able to fool our people. Even if they are backed from abroad, presentting in international forums such as the plenary session of the UN Human Rights Council in Switzerland, the ongoing allegations of cheating still do not fool the countries in the world.
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Phạm Hiếu 16/7/14 14:00

Freedom to establish associations is a basic right of Vietnamese people stipulated in the Constitution and law.

Huy Lâm 16/7/14 14:01

his right has been ensured and promoted in society. But abuse of the right to organize associations in order to sabotage the nation is illegal.

Quốc Cường 16/7/14 14:02

The Constitution and law stipulate that all Vietnamese citizens have the right to join or not join associations. The State supports and finances special associations like the Farmers’ Association, the Women’s Union and the Trade Union.

Hùng Quân 16/7/14 14:03

The administration at all levels offers incentives for professional associations of writers, journalists, arts and literature, and economic associations of enterprises and businesspeople which promote national interests and social norms.

Hoàng Lân 16/7/14 14:05

The associations, especially the economic associations, have contributed enormously to national development and served as bridges between their members and the administration.

Quân Hoàng 16/7/14 14:06

The associations must promote their role in shaping and criticizing Party guidelines, state policies, and the government’s socio-economic development programs.

Quốc Kiên 16/7/14 14:07

Vietnam has a great number of associations, unions, and clubs because the state guarantees and promotes the legitimate right of its citizens to organize associations.

Lê Tín 16/7/14 14:08

It follows the International Convention on civil and political rights to which it is a signatory.

Vân Nhàn 16/7/14 14:09

the exercise of this right is only limited by law for the essential need of a democratic society to protect national security, public safety, order, and health, ethics, other people’s rights.

Huy Quốc 16/7/14 14:11

Vietnam’s Constitution and law respect the right to organize associations if the associations serve public interests. Forming associations against the national political system harms public interests and violates Vietnamese and international law. It’s unacceptable in Vietnam.

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