Vietnam’s aspiration to human rights


Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is an evaluating process every 4 years on the situation of human rights for all members of the United Nations (UN) to share experiences, improving the human rights situation in each country and to the international community. At the second UPR cycle in Geneva, Vietnam approved many constructive recommendations.
At the 18th session of the UPR Working Group (February, 2014), Vietnam was the most concerned country which others wanted to give  building statements to (107 countries) with the most number of recommendations (227 after synthesis).
Content recommendations are diverse, ranging from encouraging Vietnam in contributions to international cooperation, participation in a number of important international treaties on human rights to the proposal to Vietnam continue investing more resources with more effective policies to protect vulnerable social groups or consider adjustments, construction of new legislation or policy implementation relating to human Rights...
Recall that the voluntary commitments of Vietnam for the candidates on Human Rights Council term 2014-2016 were also very diverse, covering many fields relating to human rights, many countries also welcomed and desired Vietnam to implement these commitments.
We can say that the vast majority of recommendations were constructive. On the one hand, it expressed appreciation for the achievements of Vietnam, which some countries considered a successful model, on the other hand, it was also a genuine concern, positive expectations of the international community to the real situation in Vietnam, including the commitments, efforts and practical abilities of Vietnam.
Promoting human rights, treating people as center of the innovation, development and national construction are always consistent policies of our State. Thus it can be said, this is the organic combination between domestic development and deployment of collaborative efforts of active and aggressive international integration on the field of  human rights promotion and protection.
There is a certain “correspondence” between recognition, and goodwill of the countries represented by the recommendations associated with commitment, effort capacity and ability to perform by Vietnam. In comparison with the rate of acceptance of the UPR recommendations in ASEAN countries and even many developed countries, the approval rate made by Vietnam is quite high.
The general expectation is that with the combination of willingness of the international community and commitment of Vietnam, the recommendations have been accepted will be further implemented effectively as such Vietnam approved and implemented in the first UPR cycle.
It should be noted about the purpose and how the UPR mechanism is. Basically, the countries participating in the UPR mechanism all generally determine spirit of the recommendations outlined in the UPR should be built and raised on the basis of an objective assessment, goodwill, including real possibility of country giving report. Conversely, in principle, the official feedback bases on two main directions (specified in the text of the UN Human Rights Council) including “support”/ “approve” or “recognize”, not that is “reject”/ “refuse”.
In this spirit, the recommendations were not among 182 supported ones were mainly due to unsuitable to the situation in Vietnam as well as many countries around the world. However, Vietnam also recornized and seriously considered to the appropriate time.
The consistent foreign policy of Vietnam is: Staying proactive and positive in international integration”. This policy was developed and implemented on the basis of a comprehensive foreign relations in a globalization with the varied and complex opportunities and challenges as well as in the context of geopolitical and new strategy on a global scale and in Asia-Pacific.
Vietnam participates in international relations in an active, responsible way, promoting dialogue and cooperation, obeying rule of international law which will contribute to creating image and position for Vietnam, contribute significantly to the innovation, integration, sovereignty, territorial integrity, facilitate the persistence to pursue the resolution of tensions in the South China Sea in the short and long term with all measures consistent with international law.
Promoting and protecting human rights are increasingly becoming a major concern of the international community, region and each country. The fact that Vietnam has participated in the UPR mechanism seriously, as well as responsibly for the effective implementation of Vietnam's role at thee UN Human Rights Council for 2016 and will be very practical contribution to the implementation of international integration policies of the State, strengthening image and position of Vietnam as a responsible member, effectively contributing to international dialogue and cooperation for peace and development.
This approach of Vietnam is welcomed and encouraged as well as supported by the international community as it is consistent with the common aspirations of humanity, for peace, development, respectation for international law, international relations between nations on the bases of equality, mutual respectation, against the unilateral approach, to impose, intimidate, threaten other countries because of the insular national interests of any country.

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Quân Hoàng 11/7/14 09:05

Viet Nam's bid to join the Human Rights Council has its roots in the consistent policy of the Party and State on protecting and promoting human rights and actively participating in international cooperation in this field.

Huy Quốc 11/7/14 09:06

it is the international community's recognition of the achievements the country has made in its comprehensive reform, policies and efforts regarding human rights.

Hoàng Lân 11/7/14 09:07

It is also a success of the Vietnamese Party and State's external relations policy, reflecting the country's increasing prestige and position in the international arena, and the international community's appreciation of Vietnam's role and contribution to the UN and other multilateral forums.

Vân Nhàn 11/7/14 09:08

Viet Nam has made it clear that its policy has its origin in the aspiration for basic rights to freedom of the Vietnamese people, who used to be citizens of a colonial country.

Hùng Quân 11/7/14 09:10

In Viet Nam's history is that human rights were included in the foreword of the Declaration of Independence that President Ho Chi Minh read to the country's people and the world on September 2, 1945.

Lê Tín 11/7/14 09:11

In Viet Nam, 54 ethnic groups have maintained solidarity and mutual support throughout the nation's history of national construction and defence.

Quốc Cường 11/7/14 09:13

Viet Nam straightforwardly touches upon existing challenges and stands ready to talk about differences.

Huy Lâm 11/7/14 09:14

Seven years since the UNHCR was established, Viet Nam - as an observer - has actively contributed feedback and ideas on many issues on the body's agenda and done its part for resolution design and the decision-making process.

Quốc Kiên 11/7/14 09:16

VN has taken part in the council's activities in a serious, positive and constructive manner.

Phạm Hiếu 11/7/14 09:18

Viet Nam is willing to be a reliable friend and responsible partner in the international arena, actively and positively integrating into the global community, the country will spare no efforts to make more contributions to the common tasks and well perform its role as a member of the UNHRC.

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