Hard to deceive public opinion

Before the breakdown of security and order in some industrial parks in Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Ha Tinh, Vietnam government has repeatedly expressed the view to handle and specify the reasons of the incidents as well as directing the authorities to clarify the investigation, arrest and severely dealt with extreme objects who violating the law. Along with that, the ministries, agencies and committees, local governments made efforts to ensure absolute security for foreign investors, including the Chinese investors; helped and supported investors to repair the damage... The security situation, social order and safety were soon stabilized and secured, the enterprises rejoined business activities normally...
But recently, through a few overseas sites, some people still deliberately misrepresent, distort the facts and give false information about the situation of security, safety and social order in the industrial parks. Even some people considered that “China has to save its citizens from violence in Vietnam”... Looking at the occurred incidents, they deliberately equated spontaneity of a very few excited people who violated the law with political activities to indicating and proper patriotism with peace of overwhelming majority of the people of Vietnam... So, what is the purpose of that activities? Nothing else is to smear Vietnam - a country of peace and stability, deliberately creating the image of a unsafe and irresponsible Vietnam to investors... in order to be against Vietnam in terms of both economy and politics.

However, the above activities are just hopeless. The deliberate actions of  misrepresenting and distorting the truth to undermine Vietnam by some unwillingness people will not be able to dupe the public. What is happening in Vietnam will prove all. Investors are not so gullible. From practice, investors is smart and wise enough to analyse and accurately judge about the investment environment in Vietnam and the consistent policies, goodwill of the Party and State of Vietnam.
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Quốc Kiên 18/7/14 15:49

Hardly had it established, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has been fully aware of the seapcially important role of policial ideology, ethics and lyfestyle of Paty members as well as of the entrue society.

Lê Tín 18/7/14 15:50

The Party has paid much concern to education and building of political ideology, ethics and humane lifestyle for Party carders and members and the people.

Vân Nhàn 18/7/14 15:53

In the renovation people, due to many objective and subjective causes, degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle among part of Party carders and members has been increasing.

Huy Quốc 18/7/14 15:54

In Party buiding: to step up political theory development; strengthen ideological propaganda among Party cardres and members

Quân Hoàng 18/7/14 15:55

In enhancing governance: to develop and complete the legal framework, build and complete policies and mecahnisms on socio-economic management and consolidate state supervision.

Hoàng Lân 18/7/14 15:56

To strengthen the role of overseesing and supervision of the people and mass media, to promote public opinion’s functions of evaluation and regulation towards social relations as well as education, supervision and consulation in the prevention of degradation.

Hùng Quân 18/7/14 15:57

On limiting negative external impacts; To fight against erronous view point and slanderous allegations of hostile forces, and limit impacts of western lifestyle and individualism in the process of globalization and international integration.

Quốc Cường 18/7/14 16:00

hostile and reactionary forces in exile often collude with religious abusers and political opportunists at home to incite crowds of petitioners to take to the street against administrations.

Huy Lâm 18/7/14 16:02

Under the leadership of the Party, our country has recorded great and important achievements which are recognized by friends in the world.

Phạm Hiếu 18/7/14 16:03

It is important to fully inform people of these plots and maneuvers which aim at causing internal division and social instability and leading to foreign interventions to eradicate socialism in our country.

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