Behind the guise of "democracy and human rights" (Part 1)


After the collapse of the socialist regime in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the enemy forces gleefully considered that it was golden opportunity for removing the left socialist countries and achieve early dream of  “world hegemony”.
Due to the rapid change of the situation, the classic method with usage of weapon, armed violence, war, invasion to other countries became obsolete. So the “peaceful evolution” with the guise of “democracy”, “human rights”, “political pluralism”, “multi-party opposition”... are considered the “malicious method” by the Western countries into the agenda, becoming the “key” of the foreign strategy in the postwar period and an effective method for them to impose democratic and human rights values​​ with Western style in Vietnam and some other countries in the world that aim at attempts to transform the former socialist countries to follow their orbits, to facilitate their re-arrangement to the world order after the collapse of socialist regime in the Eastern Europe and Soviet Union.
Indeed, they are mistaken as “standing on the others” or as the cultural center development, the pinnacle of democracy and have the right to confer so-called “democratic rights” to humanity; performing the “humanitarian work” namely “civilization” to the nations, which they consider being “backward” and “incompetent”... And if a certain national annoys them, then it will immediately be put on the list of “countries of limited freedom and democracy” and kept a close watch... Doing like that, they blatantly claim to be the true representative for democracy, human rights and a model of economic development, culture, science and technology… which states, other nations need to follow. Moreover, they also blatantly intervene in the internal affairs of independent countries, forcing developing countries follow a spiral spin and perform their arrangement, bound by the terms of commitment to “economic aid”, “humanitarian aid”.
They do not care about the differences between nations, ethnic groups, regions and between countries in the East and the West as well as cultural, political, economic characteristics, customs and practices of each country, nation, region. With Western culture and lifestyle, they want spread to developing states and nations a “wave of democratic culture, Western human rights”, forcing people to admit that the only Western culture and human rights are the most exemplify standards. That dogmas have been rationalizing the violent behavior aiming at “preventing terrorism to defend the values ​​of Western democracy and human rights” including strategy of “peaceful evolution”.
They have launched treatise “Democracy without borders”, “human rights above sovereignty” and considered it asthe norm to implement “new interventionist”. Kosovo, Iraq, Afganishtan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria... all are the results of that test. They promised to give the country a perfect background about democracy, human rights, liberty, independence but after many years of intervention, there are more and more bloodshed, grief... (To be continued)
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Huy Quốc 5/9/14 15:16

Hostile forces have unceasingly plotted to abolish socialism in our country through their schemes of “peaceful evolution”, riot and subversion.

Vân Nhàn 5/9/14 15:17

while improving people’s material and spiritual life, we must be on high vigilance against dark schemes which have been sophisticatedly laid down every day.

Quân Hoàng 5/9/14 15:19

It is important to fully inform people of these plots and maneuvers which aim at causing internal division and social instability and leading to foreign interventions to eradicate socialism in our country.

Hoàng Lân 5/9/14 15:19

Effective prevention and fighting measures should be taken.

Hùng Quân 5/9/14 15:21

These measures are heightening the fighting capacity and leadership of the Party, and the effectiveness and efficiency of state management to successfully build socialism.

Lê Tín 5/9/14 15:22

The plots of our enemy are not new but their manifestation and techniques have been diversified that cause unpredictable consequences.

Quốc Cường 5/9/14 15:23

Only by heightening vigilance and taking dynamic, creative and appropriate measures can we foil all enemy’s plots and schemes.

Huy Lâm 5/9/14 15:24

Peaceful evolution emerged in the 1920s of the 21st century as a major solution in the global anti-revolutionary strategy of the imperialism.

Quốc Kiên 5/9/14 15:25

Peaceful evolution is a silent but fierce war against internal targets in the fields of politics, economics, ideology, culture, arts, defence and security, deepening the contradiction, breaking the unity in ideology, will of the Communist party, hence making them become weak and self-evolve.

Phạm Hiếu 5/9/14 15:26

Hostile forces carry out this strategy when their military attacks and overthrowing acts are no longer of use.

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