Behind the guise of "democracy and human rights" (Part 2 and end)


With Vietnam, they find every way to provoke reactionary elements who are dissatisfied with the Party, State and our regime; gathering, creating factions, causing “hot spots” of ethnic conflicts and religion to disrupt politics, society and lurk an opportunity to organize riots. The brutal intrusion into the affairs of the Vietnamese Party, State and people through the “law of democracy and human rights in Vietnam” with multiple episodes of drama citing “take care of building democracy and bring happiness to the people of Vietnam”.
We understand that the label “democracy and human rights” is just one of the plots and tricks that the hostile forces have been applied to eliminate the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam towards implementing the pluralism regime, multi-party opposition, abolishing the socialist regime in our country. Thus, two among many key problems of the theory “Western-style democracy and human rights should be applied to Vietnam” aim at eliminating ideological foundation of the Communist Party and the revolutionary leadership of Vietnam Communist Party. They use the guise of “democracy and human rights” for the purpose of gradually undermining the Party, the State and the socialist regime in our country, do not admit the socialist regime that our Party, State and people are concentric to build. They also deliberately distort, slander that Vietnam lacks of democracy and violates freedom of belief and religion, using it as a pretext for false propaganda to incite the discontented elements and reactionary opposition to Party and State, denying the road, the goal of national independence associated with socialism which Party, Uncle Ho and Vietnamese people choose.
Vietnamese People have gone through two holy wars to defend and liberate ourselves so we more thoroughly understand the value of liberty and independence as well as the integrity and territorial sovereignty. Naturally, the Vietnamese people will recognize who is friend, who is foe.
The truth is still the truth and of itself contain truth, no one can use subjective desire to impose. Comprehensive renovation in Vietnam has been initiated and directed by the Communist Party for nearly 30 years has gained great achievements and historical significance. The position of the country of Vietnam has been upgraded, the lives of nearly 90 million people in Vietnam have been improved. International visitors, friends from all over the world come to Vietnam all see a truth that: The country of Vietnam has changed day by day. Althought much remains to be done and life is not really well-off, but the political and social life is always stable; real life is peaceful, liberated; social order are safe and guaranteed, people are really the master of the country.
The simple thing in Vietnam is to take care of “our country's independence, people are free, everyone has enough food, clothing and education as well” as desired by President Ho Chi Minh be confirmed. That is probably the simple moral life of sincere people of Vietnam. Who self-admitted a good-natured person with a conscience, please   live as human beings, do not do the wrong and antidemocratic things, do not damage or obstruct the progress of history. Who like moralizing about “democracy and human rights”, please thoroughly research history of thousands of years to fight the enemy to build and defend the country of Vietnam and visit our country to witness Vietnam’s change, development, peace-loving, , a safe and friendly  destination where many countries, international organizations, NGOs... all recognize, admire, and highly appreciate.

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Quân Hoàng 6/9/14 14:20

The consistent goal of hostile forces in their peaceful evolution is to remove the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and socialist regime, make Vietnam follow the way to the capitalism and be dependent on the imperialism…

Hoàng Lân 6/9/14 14:22

It’s not difficult to understand that in recent time overseas Vietnamese suffer from tricky propagandation of extreme anti-communist organizations and reactionary parties calling for “democracy”, “human rights” in Vietnam through demonstrations, meetings and in various websites.

Hùng Quân 6/9/14 14:24

Those actions are always backed, incited and sponsored by bad-willed persons against Vietnam.

Quốc Cường 6/9/14 14:25

One of the sinister humbugs in the peaceful evolution used by hostile forces at present is to focus on the construction, finalization and implementation of law in Vietnam.

Huy Lâm 6/9/14 14:27

hostile forces adjust their strategy, shifting from denying the leadership of the CPV to “acceptable” but make the party deteriorate, degrade, and untrusted by the people, hence losing its leadership role over the State and society.

Phạm Hiếu 6/9/14 14:29

They strengthen their impact on international organizations in order to push up “democracy” in the political system.

Quốc Kiên 6/9/14 14:30

Some overseas reactionary organizations contact and entice some political opportunist to take advantage of the State’s policies on democratic and administrative reform, freedom of belief and ideology to write and post articles to distort the State’s policy and the Party’s guidelines.

Lê Tín 6/9/14 14:31

They carry out all-round sabotages to weaken the economy, cause social disorder, political disorientation, and defunctionalize the military and the police and lower Vietnam’s status in international arena.

Huy Quốc 6/9/14 14:32

It has been proved through out the country’s history that national construction must be associated with defence, socialism construction must be associated with Fatherland socialist protection. In this stage, this is still of value. We do not exaggerate or overestimate the enemy but reality shows that we must never be loosed but stay vigilant.

Vân Nhàn 6/9/14 14:34

This is considered the main attack direction of “peaceful evolution” because if successful, it will change the country’s political regime,

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