Who is backing Israel attacked Palestine?

                                                 Palestine being bombarded by Israel

Despite the indignant reaction of the international community, the Israeli army has not hesitated to attack Palestinian’s shelters in Gaza. Instead of demanding an end to this bloody war, the United States has been giving green light for Israel to continue its attacking operations in Gaza, recently the US has approved funding to $ 225 million for Israel to buy weapons. Why the US is doing this? Is this right or wrong in the context of humanity and justice? Is this the American value?
As Israel’s primary patron of economic, military and diplomatic support, the United States has a duty and the capacity to help resolve the Palestinian-Israel conflict. It should either comply with its domestic laws and cease military aid to Israel or simply step aside and allow international mechanisms to function without obstruction.
Ending aid will either restrain Israel and facilitate a political resolution or encourage a backlash that induces the global community to intervene.
Between 1949 and 2008, the U.S. has provided Israel with $103.6 billion, more than all of the foreign aid it has provided to Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America combined. Since 2000, it has provided Israel with $3.5 billion worth of F-16s and $77 billion in Apaches. Military aid to foreign states is subject to several U.S. laws including the Arms Export Control Act, the Foreign Assistance Act and the Leahy Law. Each of these laws conditions the receipt of aid on the furtherance of human rights.
The Department of State annually notes Israel’s systematic abuse of human rights against Palestinians. Congress has nevertheless renewed aid to Israel without scrutiny either by willful ignorance or disregard. In the eyes of our 535 elected representatives, Israel can do no wrong.
The United States has ample evidence of Israel’s human rights violations that should trigger these laws today. In its most recent offensive, Israel has dropped over 100 one-ton bombs, hardly precise and discriminate weaponry, onto the densely populated and besieged Gaza Strip. Human Rights Watch documented Israeli ground forces shooting and killing fleeing Palestinian families in Khuza’a between July 23 and 25. Amnesty International documented the killing of 45 civilians in the Occupied West Bank over the past three years. 
                              Palestine babies are killed by Israel airstrikes

Cessation of American military aid to Israel will create at least two possibilities in the long run. On the one hand, it can restrain Israel, thereby creating more opportunities for a political resolution to the conflict. On the other hand, it could have the opposite effect and motivate Israel to pursue more maximalist policies, thereby increasing the cost of its transgressions. This will likely induce the international community to effectively intervene à la the South African model.
Short of complying with its own laws, the United States can also step aside and allow international mechanisms to function. The United States has incapacitated the U.N. Security Council by using its veto power to shield Israel from accountability 40 times between 1972 and 2011. The only other situation where the U.S. used its veto power so systematically was to protect colonial and apartheid regimes in South Africa, Rhodesia and Namibia. The United States has similarly undermined the efficacy of the International Court of Justice, the Human Rights Council and, as we are currently witnessing, the International Criminal Court.
The United States has shown time and again that it does not care about Palestinian rights. But if the United States cares about Israel, it should realize that supporting its subjugation of the Palestinians will be disastrous not only for the victims of this oppression, the rule of law and for vital U.S. interests, but also for the Israeli people.
Continued U.S. encouragement of Israeli violations of international humanitarian law will further embolden the brazen currents of far-right ethnocentric racism permeating Israeli society, and encourage more brutal military actions like those just inflicted on Gaza. This in turn can only inflame extreme and reprehensible reactions, whether in the form of international jihadi militancy, crude anti-Semitism or blind terrorism against civilians.

This is why the United States must decide if it wants to be on the right side of history on one of the 21st century’s most important moral and legal issues./.

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Quân Hoàng 13/9/14 16:58

It's unacceptable for what the US and Israel are doing in Gaza!

Huy Quốc 13/9/14 16:59

Fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip is currently on hold after both sides agreed to a long-term ceasefire.

Hoàng Lân 13/9/14 17:02

But I doubt about the success of the truce, Mr. Huy Quoc. It is not the first ceasefire since Israel launched its offensive on 8 July - indeed there have been numerous and they have been short-lived.

Hùng Quân 13/9/14 17:04

The Gaza Strip, sandwiched between Israel and Egypt, has been a recurring flashpoint in the Israel-Palestinian conflict for years and millions of people was killed, most of them are Palestine.

Vân Nhàn 13/9/14 17:06

Israel occupied Gaza in the 1967 Middle East war and pulled its troops and settlers out in 2005. Israel considered this the end of the occupation, but it still exercises control over most of Gaza's borders, waters and airspace. Those are all sources of life for Palestine.

Phạm Hiếu 13/9/14 17:12

In the UN situation report, 26 August, there are: 10,224 injured, including 3,106 children; 475,000 people displaced; 500,000 children unable to start new school year; 17,200 homes destroyed or severely damaged; 58 hospitals and clinics damaged

Lê Tín 13/9/14 17:15

The U.S. is a central part of the problem in the Palestinian-Israel conflict. To be a part of the solution, it needs to do less, not more.

Huy Lâm 13/9/14 17:17

The US should stop funding Israel, which created this situation, and start funding Gaza to recover their infrastructure, housing and businesses

Quốc Kiên 13/9/14 17:19

No way the US will ever stop arming Israel. The Defense Industry is too Big and Important to the US economy.

Quốc Cường 13/9/14 17:24

The US will continue to support Israel, because it want to have an ally in the Middle East - the Arab world. It just consider its interest not life of ordinary people. That is the way the US has been doing for decades.

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