Vietnam firmly against hostile forces on media


In the past years, Vietnam has made remarkable achievements in promoting and ensuring human rights relating to freedom of the press, freedom of information. Currently, Vietnam has 67 radio broadcasting, 997 agencies of newspaper, 74 newspapers, electronic magazines, 336 social media network, 1,174 pages of electronic information, more than 30 million Internet users, millions individual bloggers with rich and diverse content; foreign channels such as CNN, BBC, NHK..., there are channels dedicated to ethnic minorities. All proves that the State of Vietnam always respects and ensures the freedom of the press, freedom of information. All communication agencies of the State from the central to local levels are managed in accordance with law. Recently, Vietnam newspapers have been operating under the Press Law, was well promoted a pioneering role in the field of information and communication in internal and external Vietnam; timely fighting against the false allegation and information distorting the point of the hostile forces... Thereby, they helped officials, the people, the social class to seize policies of Vietnamese Party and State’s laws and understand the nature of the hostile forces as well as do not get excited, instigated, incited, contributing to building strong power of great national unity in building and defending the nation.
Therefore, independent and group activities conducted in the name of journalism that is in violation of the law and associated with a group of people with personal ambition, contrary to national interests, ethnicity and aspirations of people. Not only that, they are also tools to abet the enemy forces undermining national unity and  construction, national defense, affecting the independence and freedom that was built with sweat, tears and bloodshed; harming to the welfare of the whole people. That is unacceptable and it should be dealt with strictly.
The treatment of irregularities should be based on the provisions of the current law of Vietnam. First of all we need do mobilization, propaganda and education, give dialogue to show their clear violation, wrongful actions of organizations and people involved in the organization in recent times. On that basis, the authority require them complete cessation of unlawful activity. Vietnam's laws and the people of Vietnam are very tolerant if they see themselves wrongful termination and violation. The Party, State and people still forgive and give them a chance to become good citizens. If they are still trying to continue to take action in violation of law, violation of the interests of ethnic communities, we will be firmly dealt with according to law.
Along with handling the faults, we need give information, extensive propaganda at home and abroad about the nature of the evil organizations and websites for people, expatriates and international friends to understand clearly their plots,  operations against Vietnam, understand the truth of the hostile forces.

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Phạm Hiếu 17/9/14 14:16

While the Vietnamese people are heartened and proud of their great and historic achievements brought about by 20 years of renovation,hostile forces are increasing their activities against the Vietnamese revolution.

Quốc Kiên 17/9/14 14:17

Hostile forces use these labels to distort and blacken the situation in Vietnam, to perturb and create disunity in Vietnam.

Huy Lâm 17/9/14 14:18

These hostile forces also use democracy and human rights as a pretext and tool of external policy to intervene in the internal affairs of Vietnam.

Quốc Cường 17/9/14 14:19

Hostile forces have long used this label against the Vietnamese revolution but they still can not fool the Vietnamese people.

Lê Tín 17/9/14 14:20

In capitalist society, the press operates in accordance with bourgeois law. What they call “freedom of press” has been truncated in the interests of the ruling class.

Quân Hoàng 17/9/14 14:21

No single country in the world considers “freedom of expression” and “freedom of the press” as absolutes.

Huy Quốc 17/9/14 14:22

Those who lack good will say that in Vietnam there is no freedom of press because there is no private press (!). They deliberately ignore the fact that in the recent past, the Vietnamese press has made a giant leap forward in terms of quantity, formats, publications, the number of media practitioners, and quantity of audiences, technological facilities, financial capacity, and the various communication agencies’ increased positive impact on society.

Hoàng Lân 17/9/14 14:23

In Vietnam, the press has truly been the organ of the Party, State, political, social and professional organizations; a forum and an important tool to protect the interests and rights to freedom for people from all walks of life.

Hoàng Lân 17/9/14 14:24

In Vietnam, the press has truly been the organ of the Party, State, political, social and professional organizations; a forum and an important tool to protect the interests and rights to freedom for people from all walks of life.

Vân Nhàn 17/9/14 14:25

By working for or being a member of an organization, a person is provided with a publication of that organization to make sure that all his/her demands and rights to be informed are met.

Hùng Quân 17/9/14 14:26

If someone deliberately takes advantage of democracy and freedom of expression and press to publicly oppose the Party and State and runs counter to national interests, he/she will be dealt with equally and strictly by the administration or law.

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