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The pilot project of recruiting young intellectuals who volunteer to participate in developing rural and mountainous areas in the period of 2013-2020 (referred to as Project 500) was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 1758 / QD -TTg dated September 30, 2013. Along with project that 600 young intellectuals will work as Vice Chairman of poor communes under the Governmental Program 30a, the Project 500 are getting the attention of so many young people because they want to devote wisdom, youth, contributing to the construction and socio-economic development in particularly poor areas.
The aim of the Project is to strive to 2015 to recruit 500 young intellectual elite with university degrees to work in 500 communes of especially difficult region about socio-economic conditions. Intellectuals are arranged according to human needs of each commune to help committees, government and local people to develop economic and social situation, contributing to social alleviation, poverty reduction and building new agricultural villages. At the same time, through practical activities they can strive, grow up and creat resources for local officials. The Project 500 focuses on the recruitment of young intellectuals as civil servants in particularly difficult and mountainous areas. Number of localities is more than Project 600 with 34 provinces, 163 communes in all of country. This project is supported in nature. In the long term, the province must actively plan staff training.
Relating to conditions and criteria of candidate selection, Mr. Vu Dang Minh, Director of Youth Affairs Department (Ministry of Interior) said: Selected candidates will not be irrespective of formal or in-service qualifications, with clear history for a long-term goal to become a source of training for local staffs. The process, a and manner of selection will ensure equal opportunities for all candidates if they wish to register; ensure fairness, openness and transparency in the selection. The file is sent to the Interior Ministry or provinces to sum up then agree to latch the number of records. In the interview meeting, the ministerial delegation will establish monitoring and interviews to ensure openness and transparency. Results of each provinces will be sent to Ministry to be appraised the ability and virtue then  the last selected candidate is going refresher training.
Mr. Vu Dang Minh added, the scheme gives  priority to candidates with a stable permanent residence in that province from 3 years upwards. But the selection process will create equal opportunities for all young intellectuals. Candidates in all regions of the country will be able to enroll in other provinces. According to information from the Interior Ministry, records began to be received from April 2014, however, ending time of receiving records is different in each province, some provinces can end the recruitment time to November 2014, so the candidates can contact directly to the provinces where need to recruit applicants.
Before the apprehension of many people about the status of social intellectuals after a period of time working in communes will come back to the districts. Mr. Vu Dang Minh said: The conditions and criteria of selecting process is closed and under monitoring mechanisms. Therefore, it would not happen the situation that descendants of influential families are given to work then bought back to districts after a period of time... Furthermore, after recruitment is completed, the members will be continued under training. After 3 months of training, they will continue be reselected. If they are unqualified people, the governments at all levels will choose others. In the course of work, if the young intellectuals do not complete the task, they will be forced to liquidate contracts.
Mr Sen Ly Chinh, Vice President of Ha Giang provincial People's Committee said: Ha Giang province is a particularly difficult mountainous province at border, when implementing Project 600, many young country deeply concerned and 16 young outside the province were admitted. Experience from Project 600 shows that, one of the challenges for the young intellectuals is that voice; contribution effort in their work may be limited as most of the incumbent officials in commune were older, with stagnant and obsolete thinking. In order to overcome these problems, leaders at communes assigned and appointed officials to help young intellectuals approach a new work environment, adapt to the customs and practices, enhance the native language; at the same time, regularly organizing quarter briefings between management agencies at district and commune; to facilitate the dedication of young intellectuals to complete their task. Still according to Mr. Sen Ly Chinh, for Project 500, Ha Giang province also received the attention of young intellectuals in the country; someone called, sent e-mail to exchange and register for recruitment ...
Recently, the Prime Minister has written to urgently request Interior Ministry building and  submit the legal basis to the Prime Minister for implementing this Project. After the end of the scheme, the members successfully completed task will be considered in the layout management leadership positions, becoming civil servants on the needed arrangements of the localities.

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Huy Quốc 3/9/14 22:01

There are currently more than 1.5 million Vietnamese students nationwide who will play an important part in the cause of industrialization and modernization and international integration of the country in the future.

Vân Nhàn 3/9/14 22:02

To live is to give, not only to receive for ourselves

Lê Tín 3/9/14 22:05

Overcoming their first tough moments, they have enthusiastically implemented socio-economic development projects, gradually alleviating local poverty.

Quốc Kiên 3/9/14 22:08

They are determined to devote themselves to the development of the disadvantaged areas they call home.

Phạm Hiếu 3/9/14 22:09

With their youth and enthusiasm, they provide a breath of fresh air contributing to the future of the country.

Huy Lâm 3/9/14 22:12

Intellectuals are those who have diverse wisdom and foresight, who apply their intellect and forward-looking visions for the purpose of awakening society.

Quốc Cường 3/9/14 22:18

Vietnamese word for intellectual, “trí thức”, is a combination of “mind” and “awaken”.

Hùng Quân 3/9/14 22:19

There are three key factors in nurturing intellectuals: knowledge; ability and willingness to awaken society.

Hoàng Lân 3/9/14 22:21

Intellectuals are agents of change, particularly in those parts of the world where the unjust and aberrant behaviour are the norm.

Quân Hoàng 3/9/14 22:22

In their own ways, intellectuals everywhere around the world are making effective contributions to improving society in meaningful ways.

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