Overreaction to the Doan Thi Huong incident


Those days, Vietnamese people, at home and abroad, are paying much attention to the incident of Đoàn Thị Hương (Doan Thi Huong), a woman who is suspected of murdering North Korean Kim Jong-nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korea’s leader, in Kuala Lumpur last month. On social media, a campaign was started to raise money to support Huong and her family. Bloggers, facebookers and a bunch of keyboard heroes who likely have no details or even do not read a whole related article have eagerly pleaded for Huong without any thoughtful consideration. Is it worthy? Even, some self-claimed human rights lawyers like Le Quoc Quan, Tran Vu Hai also cried out to call for legal aids to Huong. They incited many radical intellectuals, anti-government individuals, foreign reporters like Kham of Reuters and even Bishop Ngo Quang Kiet due to Huong’s Christian record. And yes, all of them have rashly jumped into helping her as she is one of their relatives. It’s not a bad thing. If it truly began from their heart of supporting a poor countrywoman, it must even be encouraged as a good Vietnamese tradition of helping poor people. Unfortunately, it’s not totally like that in this case. On the one hand they have called out for Huong’s support, but on the other they have slandered and distorted as the Vietnamese government has abandoned its citizen and eagerly criticized for that. What on earth are you thinking people?
 Firstly, we all are not sure about her innocence in this case, the Malaysian authorities are carrying out the investigation. Huong and her accomplices said that they believed they were part of a prank TV show playing harmless tricks on unsuspecting passengers. Indonesian Siti Aishah told authorities that she was paid the equivalent of $90. But that’s just what they say, to confirm that we have to wait for answer from the investigation. The attack was caught on grainy airport surveillance video, Huong was seen clearly in a t-shirt with LOL emblazoned across the front. A leaked CCTV footage from Kuala Lumpur airport shows two women shoving something into Kim's face. The 45-year-old later suffered a seizure and was dead before he reached hospital. Malaysian police have said Kim was assassinated with VX -- a lethal nerve agent manufactured for chemical warfare and listed by the UN as a weapon of mass destruction. The high-profile killing has attracted international intrigue, with South Korea’s spy agency saying on Wednesday that two women, thought to be North Korean operatives, had poisoned the exile.
 If Huong is found guilty, she could be hanged for that. It’s legitimate and reasonable. Criminals have to be punished and judged for their crimes. In this case, Huong committed murder in Malaysia, she would be handled in accordance with the Malaysian criminal law. The Vietnamese government could not do anything except proceeding citizen protection process to ensure that she will be judge fairly and be defended by good lawyers which the government has been doing now.
The Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia is implementing certain citizen protection measures for Doan Thi Huong. The embassy is taking all necessary steps within their permitted rights to ensure proceedings are fair and objective for Huong, including finding an appropriate lawyer, the Vietnamese foreign ministry said. The department also updated the family on Huong’s health conditions following her court appearance.
Vietnam's foreign ministry met with Huong's family to explain to them the legal assistance that she would get and emphasized that it was doing what it could to protect her legal rights.
"Vietnam’s embassy in Malaysia will continue to implement citizen protection measures within their permitted rights to ensure proceedings are fair and objective," the statement said, adding that the embassy was finding appropriate lawyers for her.
The embassy’s citizen protection measures within its jurisdiction aim to ensure procedures in the case are equal, objective and impartial, and Huong’s legitimate interests are protected. The measures included seeking a lawyer for Huong in line with Malaysia’s legal regulations, the Consular Department said.
“The Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia is keeping a close watch on the issue,” the Consular Department underlined.
We can see the Vietnamese government is doing the best to protect the citizen Huong abide by the international consular regulation, the Malaysian laws and the Vietnamese laws. So now, it’s still unclear whether Huong is innocent and if she deserves people’s support or not. All of these seem to be excessive response. There are many disabled individuals who urgently need your help than. People should be vigilant to offer any help, and moreover we should not hastily engage with other extremist keyboard heroes in groundlessly criticizing the government while we do not have enough information. Read more and be alert to these tricks./.
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yobro yobro 9/3/17 14:42

Hostile elements are abusing the people's kindness, we have to be cautious on this issue.

Jane smartnic 9/3/17 14:44

I think for any purpose, Doan Thi Huong violated the laws and apparently that she committed murder of Kim Jong Nam. No excuse, just pardons!

LawrenceSamuels 9/3/17 14:45

Vietnamese government has done and are doing its jobs to protect Huong, but the incident happened on the Malaysian soil, it must follow their laws.

Love Peace 9/3/17 14:55

In my opinion, this Huong might not so good as people thought. We can not know if she is innocent or not. Let law do its job.

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