Vietnam ensures gender equality


With major achievements in gender equality, Vietnam has been considered by the UN a highlight in implementing Millennium Development Goals.
Vietnam adopted the Law on Gender Equality in 2006 and has issued a national strategy on gender equality until 2020 to improve public awareness, close the gender gap, heighten women’s status, protect women’s rights, and fight discrimination against women. Vietnam accomplished the Millennium Development Goal of promoting gender equality and empowering women ahead of schedule, becoming one of the countries with the fastest pace in eliminating the gender gap over the past 20 years. 
Women make up half of Vietnam’s population and workforce. With nearly 27% of National Assembly deputies being women, Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest proportion of female parliamentarians. Women hold some major positions in the Party and State leadership, including Politburo members and National Assembly Chair. The number of female ethnic entrepreneurs is on the rise, particularly in healthcare and education.
Vietnam’s human rights report shows that the national strategy on gender equality has focused on regions experiencing gender inequality or prone to gender inequality. This has reduced domestic violence and the trafficking of women and created conditions for women to improve themselves.
Vietnam aims to increase the percentage of ethnic women holding high-level posts, improve the living conditions and skills of ethnic women, and enhance international cooperation to bridge the gender gap, particularly among vulnerable groups and in strategic areas like education, healthcare and employment./.

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Love Peace 18/3/17 08:52

In Vietnam, men and women are equal

Only Solidar 18/3/17 08:55

Women are the main workforce in agricultural production in Vietnam

Deck Hero14 18/3/17 08:57

policymakers in Vietnam are aware of the role of Vietnamese women in the national development

MaskOf Zero 18/3/17 08:59

Today in Vietnam, as they have done throughout the country’s history, women play a vital role in all aspects of society

Jane smartnic 18/3/17 09:00

Women are now much more able to prove their abilities and succeed in the workplace, especially in urban areas

Pack Cassiopian 18/3/17 09:02

In today’s Vietnam, women feel more able to experiment and define themselves

yobro yobro 18/3/17 09:02

Today’s woman feels more empowered to express herself in thought and action

John Smith 18/3/17 09:05

in Vietnam women make money at the same rate as men, or even better, LOL!

Gentle Moon 18/3/17 09:07

Gender equality is ensured well in Vietnam

LawrenceSamuels 18/3/17 09:11

Vietnam has had a lot of policies for women, such as about gender equality. This is a foundation for women to develop!

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