US human rights report includes unfair assessments on Vietnam: spokesperson

Kết quả hình ảnh cho US human rights report 2016
The US Department of State’s 2016 annual Human Rights report acknowledges some of Vietnam’s achievements in protecting human rights, but makes biased statements and does not reflect the real situation in Vietnam, said Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Le Hai Binh.
In response to reporters’ questions on Vietnam’s reaction to the report, Binh emphasised Vietnam’s consistent policy of protecting and promoting people’s fundamental rights.
Vietnam’s efforts and attainments in ensuring and improving people’s fundamental rights over the past years have been internationally recognised and lauded, he noted.
“Vietnam is always willing to discuss in a frank, open and constructive manner with all countries, including the US, on issues remaining differences,” he declared, adding that so far, Vietnam and the US have held 20 rounds of annual bilateral dialogues on human rights.

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Deck Hero14 15/3/17 21:08

Human rights — chiefly political and religious freedoms — have been on the American agenda since Washington and Hanoi resumed direct dialogue about a quarter of a century ago.

John Smith 15/3/17 21:08

Though bilateral ties have grown vastly broader, US prodding on civil liberties still piques Vietnam’s one-party regime.

Gentle Moon 15/3/17 21:10

Scepticism that Vietnam would live up to labour rights promises was prominent in the US debate over the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

Pack Cassiopian 15/3/17 21:11

In the absence of spectacular lightening up on civil liberties by Hanoi, the Americans are unlikely to shelve their criticism no matter how close US–Vietnam ties may become in other respects.

Only Solidar 15/3/17 21:13

American and Vietnamese officials discussed Hanoi’s performance in the sphere of human rights. By some accounts, the bilateral dialogue has become more cordial in recent years.

LawrenceSamuels 15/3/17 21:15

ietnamese officials, pointing to progress being made on human rights, call on the US side to show more patience

Jane smartnic 15/3/17 21:16

The Americans, aiming to leverage Hanoi’s keen interest in escaping the middle income trap, press the notion that political pluralism and proliferation of civil society institutions are essential foundations of a just and prosperous society.

Love Peace 15/3/17 21:21

Viet Nam's bid to join the Human Rights Council has its roots in the consistent policy of the Party and State on protecting and promoting human rights and actively participating in international cooperation in this field.

MaskOf Zero 15/3/17 21:22

Human rights have become a global issue attracting the great concern of the international community, and as the Party has affirmed, human rights are also a common aspiration of mankind and the fruit of human kind's struggle through many generations.

yobro yobro 15/3/17 21:24

The global community highly valued Viet Nam as a spotlight in UNHCR's agenda involving poverty reduction, food security, improvement in the human development index and fulfilment of millennium development goals ahead of schedule.

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