Vietnam attends UN Human Right Council’s 34th session

Vietnam made active contributions to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 34th session in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 23-24, which adopted 42 resolutions and decisions.
In his speech at the session, Ambassador Duong Chi Dung, Head of Vietnam's permanent delegation to the UN, the World Trade Organisation and other international organisations in Geneva, stressed that the Council needs to exert efforts to promote dialogues and cooperation, and seek proper measures to solve existing differences.
The Vietnamese delegation proactively joined the discussion of resolutions and decisions of the session in the spirit of promoting protection and expansion of the people’s enjoyment of rights, respecting the UN Charter, international law as well as economic and cultural specificities and traditions of countries and regions. 
The meeting approved 26 draft resolutions and decisions, relating to attention of the international community such as rights of labour, culture and cultural diversity, international cooperation on human right, rights of children, and personal rights in digital era among others.   
The council’s members also agreed on 15 other draft resolutions, including those on economic-cultural-social and labour rights, and right to food, and situations in Syria and Iran and occupied Palestinian territories, and terrorism. 

The 35th session of the council is slated for June 6-23 in Geneva.
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MaskOf Zero 30/3/17 13:30

Viet Nam has been contributing to protecting and advancing the value of human rights in a direct, responsible and constructive manner.

John Smith 30/3/17 13:31

Since Viet Nam joined the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), the nation had devised careful plans to clarify policies and goals and a roadmap for UNHRC membership.

LawrenceSamuels 30/3/17 13:32

The country has made its voice heard on issues relating to the improvement of rights for vulnerable groups, the right to economics, social and cultural affairs, development, jobs and poverty elimination.

yobro yobro 30/3/17 13:33

Those contributions displayed Viet Nam's responsible, active and constructive participation related to issues of international concern.

Only Solidar 30/3/17 13:34

That proactive and active participation had garnered appreciation from other countries, thus furthering Viet Nam's bilateral co-operation with other partner countries.

Deck Hero14 30/3/17 13:35

Regarding Viet Nam's laws and policies, Quang asserted that human rights in the country had been written into the Constitution and defended by laws.

Gentle Moon 30/3/17 13:37

Human rights, for the first time in Viet Nam's lawmaking history, had been acknowledged as a natural and inherent right that was recognised and implemented by the State.

Jane smartnic 30/3/17 13:38

These efforts had reflected Viet Nam's achievements across realms, especially in economics, politics, socio-cultural affairs, people's improved living conditions and their right to enjoy various rights and freedoms.

Love Peace 30/3/17 13:39

Socio-economic attainments and increased co-operation and international exchanges had created material conditions and pooled resources for Viet Nam to ensure human rights are better exercised.

Pack Cassiopian 30/3/17 13:41

Viet Nam has been recognised by the UN and the international community.

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