Reactionary portraits: Bloc 8406 - A corrupt form of social criticism


There are now many groups disguised as social critics but what they have done are threatening and undermining the country’s security and interests. Bloc 8406 is one of such groups. Let find out the true nature of this anti-government group.
 Bloc 8406 is claimed as a unified coalition of political groups in Vietnam that advocates for democratic reforms in Vietnam. It is named after the date of the group's Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam declaring the need for democratic reforms in Vietnam. The manifesto was issued on 8 April 2006 and was signed by 118 dissidents calling for a multiparty state.
Bloc 8406 publicly declared a four-phase proposal for Vietnam’s democratization, including demands for the restoration of civil liberties, the establishment of opposition political parties, drafting of a new constitution, and democratic elections for the National Assembly. The group was trying to forge links between pro-democracy supporters in Vietnam and dissidents in exile. The Internet plays a key role in their strategy. The group claims thousands of supporters, based on signatures collected throughout Vietnam to petition the authorities for political reforms.
Why has this bloc been classified as counter-revolutionary group? First and foremost, their act of forming an organization is a violation of the law. It is unconstitutional on Vietnam’s soil. It is established in Vietnam, so it must apply for registration, but it did not. Unfortunately, that’s not all. The problem is what they have operated for and done. They want to call for a pluralistic political system which goes against the country’s revolutionary career. Bloc 8406 initiated a campaign to boycott the 2016’s National Assembly elections and the 12th Party Congress, posting articles that distort and slander the government’s policies and falsely accused the Party’s and State’s leaders, inciting people to protest in sensitive issues like the East Sea territorial dispute, Formosa disaster, big corruptions, etc. And, ironically that the Bloc 8406's members have always claimed of being harassed, interrogated and brutally tortured. Prominent leaders such as Do Nam Hai, Nguyen Khac Toan and Hoang Tien have claimed that their homes being searched and mobile phones and computers confiscated to restrict communication, without any evidence. It shows the deceitful nature of this bloc.
Now, let see who this group’s leaders and supporters are. They are Do Nam Hai in Saigon, priest Phan Van Loi in Hue, Huynh Ngoc Tuan in Quang Nam, Nguyen Chinh Ket in Houston, United States, etc who all have known for anti-government records. With the communion as honored leaders of  Nguyễn Văn Lý, Trần Anh Kim veterans, Trần Quốc Hiển, Vi Đức Hồi, Nguyễn Xuân Nghĩa and other prisoners of conscience in prisons. Roman Catholic priest Nguyen Van Ly was sentenced to eight years in prison for anti-government activities on March 30, 2007 for his support of the group's manifesto. is accused of being a founding member of Bloc 8406.
 Lawyer and labor activist Tran Quoc Hien was accused of being a part of Bloc 8406 in his 2007 trial that led to a five-year prison sentence for "endangering state security". Former Communist Party official Vi Duc Hoi joined the Bloc after leaving the party in 2007. He was imprisoned in 2011 for "spreading anti-government propaganda" after posting copies of pro-democracy articles online.
Other supporters of this bloc — including Nguyen Phuong Anh, Vu Hoang Hai, Nguyen Van Dai, Nguyen Ngoc Quang, Le Tri Tue, and Bach Ngoc Duong are extreme radical individuals.
For all of these, it’s clear that Bloc 8406 is not a good and constructive critic group as somebody thinks. It is just an illegal group of anti-government individuals and prisoners, a branch of hostile forces abroad like Viet Tan. So, the government should have measures to deal with such groups like this, they are not true critic groups, useless and dangerous for the country’s national interests./.
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Pack Cassiopian 11/3/17 10:53

This group seems to go so far from its initial philosophy and goals, they have turned into an anti-government ones.

yobro yobro 11/3/17 10:56

They have been backed by foreign hostile forces and reactionary elements like Viet Tan-a terrorist group, and are full of extreme anti-government individuals like priest Nguyen Van Ly. Nothing's good from this bloc!

Only Solidar 11/3/17 20:55

Just a bunch of degenerate intellectuals!

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