A fair and objective voice about human rights in Vietnam (Part 2 and end)

For its part, Vietnam pledged to attempt further on judicial reform and law; promoting freedom of speech, press and religion; inviting the Special Procedures of the UN Human Rights Council to Vietnam and strengthenning cooperation with human rights mechanisms of the United Nations including the Convention Authority...
It is honourable in the statement made by Falemavaega that while many people in the United States for different reasons have accepted amassed and distorted information on the Vietnam authorities and they still hold the view of discrimination against regime and the State of Vietnam in the fields of democracy and human rights. However Mr. Falemavaega as a U.S. policymakers have openly , frankly released a fair and objective voice about the human rights situation in Vietnam. In this speech, he also made clearly that by visitting to Vietnam many times, he had attended many cultural activities, religious beliefs evident in Vietnam and reliezed that the freedom of belief and religion of the people Vietnam was the respected, protected and helped carefully by the State of Vietnam...
It can not be denied that there is still a gap between opinion and reality on the field of democracy and human rights of Vietnam and the United States but in order to make that gap shorter we can not impose the views of this country for other one but it must be through dialogues in a spirit of mutual respectation and being open to recommendations, especially in the practical contributions to addressing the specific human rights issues in each country. One of the major issues of human rights between Vietnam and the United States that the United States should further contribute to help Vietnam deal with the consequences of Dioxin, tackling bomb-contamination on millions of square kilometers. In economic relations, the United States is an important partner of Vietnam especially textiles and seafood... If the United State works truly for human rights in Vietnam,  the United States should rether consider offering limited technical barriers, unfair tariffs to Vietnam products which may make difficulties for thousands of workers in the aquaculture industry and textiles than continue making difficulties for Vietnam because of differences in the legal field involving a number of individuals.

The relationship between Vietnam and the U.S. are going well. However, many problems still lie ahead. In the context of Vietnam has served as a member of the Human Rights Council of the UN, particularly in the United States today many people still hold the view of discrimination and unfair conducting on the field of human rights for Vietnam, Rep. Falemavaega’s speech is worthy to respectfully recognize.
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