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Those sayings that democratic activists and reactionaries always slander are "the Communist Party of Vietnam is scared of China", or "the Party is afraid of enemies but cruel with the people". Today, I just want to clarify this nonsense to prove you the allegation right or wrong .
The evidences which democratic activists cite for their allegations are what they call government’s crackdowns on patriotic protests and enhancement of the relationship with China in the spirit of 16 golden words. Arguing that "the Party uses the thousands-year foe of the nation to oppress the people’s patriotism, they spread the charge that the Party and the State have sold the sovereignty of islands and sea for China which I see very hilarious and silly. No country, no government on earth would do that, that thing could destroy the government itself. Just those who are paranoid could speak out something like that.
Only some who are so naïve should believe in diplomatic language to assume about the relationship between the two countries. Because the rhetoric of diplomacy is simply another beauty items and create the exuberant to international community. Our relationship with China is now able to say that is quite good in compare with the 1979 border wars, but it’s primarily in economic terms. Above all the staff the Party’s members understand that even saying all about the 16 golden words or millions of good thousands words, the Chinese still keep conducting aggressive actions in the matter of territorial disputes with us. China will not give up the dream of Great Han and plot of expanding territory to find living space and interests. So, we have sufficient grounds in both history as well as current situation to conclude that China will be our long-term enemy. Therefore, the Party and the State have promoted relations with China in business, trade development for economic growth. But on the other hand we also has promoted weapons procurement and enhancing military power to create deterrence and prepare for probable wars. So saying the Party and the State are “scared of China is so foolish and ignorant and understand nothing about politics and international relations.
And based on the facts that we have reacted humbly to China’s aggression in territorial claims and activities on the field in disputed areas to say that we are scared of China, it is even wrong. Because we are now weaker than China in terms of all aspects, we must keep that temporary truce. Moreover, the trade turnover between we and China is more than $40 billions in 2013. So if we jump into conflicts and even wars with China at the moment, our economy will take large damages. So, we just refrain from overreaction in relationship with China for bigger benefits not be afraid of China. Now, a war with China is unpredictable one, but in the past the Party had led our people and troops to struggle against China in the 1979 border war, caused them large damage. So who dare to say that we are afraid of China?
On the other hand, we must accept that we are just a small country, and it’s smart to avoid using force. China has tried to incite us to make a cause for invading our sea and islands. We need to keep calm and stay alert before their schemes. The Party and the State are still trying to use all diplomatic measures, legitimate means as well as spreading historical evidence to the world to promote our territorial claims and contribute to protect our sovereignty over sea and islands. We're weaker and smaller, we must be wiser in struggle to protect our national interests.
So if you are patriotic and devoted to the country and the people, you need to be aware of these and don’t hastily jump into any conclusion through some phenomena, don’t be fooled and incited by those allegations of so-called democratic activists to take part in activities against the Party and the State.
Looking back the history, since the establishment of the Vietnamese State, it is the Communist Party of Vietnam who led the country to great triumphs in the two wars against France and US. And, in the nation's history, our nation has never known fear of enemy. The Party too does not fear any enemy, whether it is France, US or China./.
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Quốc Cường 24/4/14 17:29

That's a stupid thing I've ever heard, we should remember history of our nation, there's no place for word "fear", we have defeated them many times.

Huy Quốc 24/4/14 17:32

Very foolish allegations, really!

Quân Hoàng 24/4/14 17:35

I'm so suprised that there are ones who believe those bullshit like that or they don't have any thing better than that?

Lê Tín 24/4/14 18:10

They are just reactionaries who use those allegations as covers for their own purposes.

Phạm Hiếu 24/4/14 18:15

No government fears other foreign forces as it could give up national interests. Our Party and State just try to keep diplomatic relations for greater benefits. Let them do their jobs.

Huy Lâm 24/4/14 18:18

What do they want? They want a conflict, a war with China, even the US always try to avoid that. They should know we are living in very different world away theirs.

Quốc Kiên 24/4/14 18:20

If you think we can win China in a war, so pity for your aggressive arrogant minds!

Hoàng Lân 24/4/14 18:24

Just those who are so naive will believe that nonsense. We, the youth, should know the reality that our Party is just seeking to protect national interests for our country.

Hùng Quân 24/4/14 18:26

Never believe sayings from those elements who just do anything for their own goods.

Vân Nhàn 24/4/14 18:30

All Vietnamese people don't have good sentiments toward China, and if you look back in 1979 you'll see how our Party is afraid of China! We fought them to their lands, men.

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