Eight characteristics of socialism being built in Viet Nam

Today, I want to share with you my knowledge about characteristics of socialism and socialist society in Vietnam.
The tenth General Assembly of the Party (2006) had added and developed the model of socialism in Vietnam to make it more comprehensive, including eight characteristics.
The characteristics of socialism that being built in Vietnam indentified in the Draft Platform (addition, development) are the result of the renovation work, primarily in awareness of socialism theory, based on the creative application of Marxism - Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought, in accordance with the practice in Vietnam at current conditions. It is the result of a harmonious combination between "the popular" and "the particularity", the general and the specific to create a model named Vietnam socialism.
First feature: rich people, strong nation, democracy, justice, civilization
This is the most general characteristic that affects other characteristics. It expresses goals of socialism in Vietnam. In our country, socialism is to make people rich, country powerful...; is fair and reasonable; people enjoy equally freedom, democracy and live happy lives...
The throughout thought of the Vietnam revolution is national independence associated with socialism. For the people of Vietnam, only socialism could guarantee their desire for a strong and rich country with democracy, fairness and civilization. This is the earnest desire of the entire Vietnamese people after the fight to gain national independence and reunification.
The second characteristic: controlled by people
The advanced feature of socialism in the 1st characteristic is also reflected in the Party 's awareness of the gradual improvement of socialist democracy associated with ensuring that all state power belongs people ( people is the subject of all power).
The Draft Platform has further confirmed: "socialist democracy is the nature of our regime, both the goal and driving force of the national development. Construction and gradual improvement of socialist democracy, ensuring that all state power belongs to people. Democracy must be done in reality at all levels, all sectors through the operation of state which elected by people and in the forms of direct democracy...".
The third characteristic: having the highly developed economy based on modern production forces and modes of public ownership of the major means of production.
This is typical feature in the economic field of socialism that we are building compared to other social regime.
The Draft continued to assert: the basic contradictions of capitalism, especially the conflict between the modern production forces and the private ownership in capitalism, can not be solved and getting worse.
The Party reaffirmed that: the State economy plays a key role and the collective economy is constantly consolidated and developed. The State economy and collective economy becomes increasingly the solid foundation of the national economy.
The forth characteristic: having the advanced culture imbued with national identity
The preservation and development of the national culture, the selection of the traditional values and the construction of the new ones have turned the most important than any time in history. The traditional cultural values should be preserved but should be also enriched by the advanced cultural values of the mandkind. Culture should be modernized but should not be separated from the nation. And the goal is to build a culture of Vietnam unified in diversity.
The fifth characteristic: people having a life of prosperity, liberty and happiness; and having conditions to develop comprehensively.
Creatively applying and developing Marxism - Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought about humans in a socialist society, the Draft have determined values that ​​reflect demand and practical aspirations of the people of Vietnam today are: a life of prosperity, liberty and happiness and conditions to develop comprehensively.
The sixth characteristic: the ethnics in Vietnam community are equal, united, respected and helping each other to develop.
This feature shows how superior in the Vietnam’s ethnic policy, properly resolving the ethnic relations in the multi-ethnic country of Vietnam.
After 25 years of innovation country, the results have demonstrated superiority in Vietnam ethnic policy of the Party and State and socialism in resolving ethnic relations in Vietnam. Due to these results our tradition of great national unity and consensus in the community of 54 ethnic groups have been promoting and fighting against the plot of the hostile forces to divide Vietnamese ethnic community.
The seventh characteristic: having socialist and lawful State, of the people, by the people, for the people, under the Communist Party leadership.
The advantage of a society owned by the people closely associated with the primacy of the socialist and lawful State. The State closely link with the people, fully implement all of democratic rights of the people; respect and listen to people's opinions and subject to the supervision of the people; have mechanisms and measures to control, prevent and punish bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, irresponsibility, abusing of power, violating democratic rights of citizens...
The eighth characteristic: having friendly and cooperative relations
 Vietnam always affirmed friendly and cooperative ties with the peoples of the world. Vietnam is a friend and reliable partner of all countries in the international community... The Party and State's policy is to equal cooperation and mutual benefit with all countries, regardless of their political and social status on the basis of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and international law.
The active international integration and participation in organizations, international and regional forums have vividly demonstrated the superiority of the socialism that Vietnamese people are building.

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Phạm Hiếu 15/4/14 21:14

1. socialism, social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources.

Lê Tín 15/4/14 21:15

No matter what had happened, capitalism will come to its end soon, and socialism will find its way through this hard time

Quốc Kiên 15/4/14 21:16

Bravo the Socialist Republic of Vietnam! I love Vietnam, I love socialism!

Quốc Cường 15/4/14 21:18

Vietnam has a planned socialist economy that puts the interest of its people before the profits of corporations or individuals. Private and foreign business is tightly controlled

Huy Lâm 15/4/14 21:19

Socialism and the path to socialism is a fundamental and practical theoretical topic with broad and complicated content, demanding thorough and in-depth study.

Hùng Quân 15/4/14 21:20

As you know, socialism can be understood in three different aspects: socialism as a doctrine, socialism as a movement, and socialism as a regime. Each aspect has different manifestations, depending on the world outlook and development level in a specific historical period. The socialism I want to discuss here is a scientific socialism based on Marxist-Leninist doctrine in the current era.

Vân Nhàn 15/4/14 21:22

We need a society where development is truly for humans, instead of exploiting and trampling on human dignity for the sake of profits. We need economic development in parallel with social progress and fairness instead of a widening gap between the rich and the poor and social inequality.

Hoàng Lân 15/4/14 21:24

we should speed up national industrialization and modernization; develop a knowledge-based and socialist-oriented market economy; build an advanced culture imbued with national identity; boost human resource development; improve people’s living standards; promote social progress and fairness; ensure national defense; safeguard national security and social order; implement a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, peace, friendship, cooperation, and development; proactively integrate into the world; build a socialist democracy; exercise national unity; expand the national unification front; build a law-governed socialist state of the people, by the people, and for the people; and build a stronger, more transparent Party.

Huy Quốc 15/4/14 21:26

We are aware that ours is an extremely complex and unprecedented undertaking, which will require us to learn the lessons we will need as we go along. Our journey will demand all of our ingenuity and vitality.

Quân Hoàng 15/4/14 21:29

i love my country, I would advocate my strength to build up my country, bravo our Party, bravo my Vietnam!

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