Vietnam’s progress in ensuring human rights


That is judgement made by Ms. Pratibha Mehta, the UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam and many other participants at the workshop on the outcome of the 2nd cycle Universal Periodic Review (UPR) took place in the April, 2 morning in Hanoi. The workshop was coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Vietnam.
104/106 countries have raised appreciation of human rights guarantee in Vietnam
Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Hoang Chi Trung, Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s Department for International Organizations said that the prestige and position of Vietnam has been reflected through speeches of countries including the 104/106 countries’ recognition or appreciation of Vietnam’s policies, efforts and achievements in ensuring human rights from 2009 to present, serious implementation of UPR recommendations, especially the right to economy, society, culture, social security, hunger eradication, poverty reduction and social rights of vulnerable groups such as women, children , people with disabilities, ethnic minorities… The content most welcomed is the adoption of the Constitution with new content, creating a more solid foundation to promote and ensure human rights (22 countries made that remark including India, South Korea, Denmark...); Vietnam was considered a model who completed many millennium development goals before required time especially the goals of poverty reduction, education universalization (4 countries mentioned); implementation of international obligations, joining more international conventions on human rights (28 countries mentioned this matter including the U.S, Britain, France, Germany, Belgium...); cooperation with UN human rights mechanisms, welcomed the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council (10 countries mentioned…). Countries also appreciated the openness and cooperation of Vietnam, confirming that the international community acclaim and desire Vietnam will continuously contribute greater in promotion and protection of human rights on an international scale.
Mr. Hoang Chi Trung said at the end of the conversation, Vietnam received 227 recommendations and in June the Government will feedback to the UN Human Rights Council the recommendations that Vietnam agrees to perform in next 4 years.
The UN committed to strengthen human rights in Vietnam
Appreciating the successful National Report of Vietnam under the UPR second cycle mechanism, the UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam confirmed that the workshop helped people to better understand Vietnam Government's assessment of the situation and the challenges in the implementation of human rights. “This is a good opportunity for the Government and the civil societies to share feedback on the review of the human rights issues that the government must commit to resolve. This is also useful at present when the new regulations were developed consistent with the human rights commitments in the Constitution adopted in November 2013 and the new law in an effort of Vietnam to response to the UPR”, Ms.  Pratibha Mehta emphasized.
Ms.  Pratibha Mehta recommended the Government of Vietnam should strengthen democracy at the grassroots and people's participation in planning and implementing policies, improve Vietnam's commitment to the civil organization in the field of human rights, ensure the participation of all groups in society at different stages in the work of Vietnam at Hhuman Rights Council. She “Through joint plan for 2012-2016, the UN agencies in Vietnam pledge to support national efforts of Vietnam to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights. The UN is always ready to support and create favorable conditions for the holding of regular dialogues to discuss an acting plan for implement UPR in order to strengthen human rights in Vietnam”.
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Huy Quốc 23/4/14 14:05

Vietnam increasingly affirm its role and position at the UN Human Rights Council, this is a signal of developing Vietnam.

Vân Nhàn 23/4/14 14:05

Not only local people but also the international friends and overseas Vietnam all feel happy to read the article about the progress of Vietnam.

Lê Tín 23/4/14 14:06

Vietnam has completed many millennium development goals of the United Nations but we also need taking measures to maintain the effectiveness of these areas.

Quốc Kiên 23/4/14 14:07

Despite economic difficulties, Vietnam has attempted to fulfill the MDGs. This is a manifestation of responsible Vietnam for the international community.

Quân Hoàng 23/4/14 14:09

Vietnam successfully completed many goals due to democracy and human rights through democratic institutions in the entire population.

Hoàng Lân 23/4/14 14:09

Assistance of international organizations and determination of the people of Vietnam are the basis of successful implementation as a member of the HRC Vietnam.

Hùng Quân 23/4/14 14:10

How proud of the position and role of Vietnam in the international arena.

Quốc Cường 23/4/14 14:11

This is a practical workshops to assess the achievements of countries such as Vietnam and limiting the misunderstanding of democracy and human rights situation in Vietnam.

Huy Lâm 23/4/14 14:13

Countries like the U.S. , France , Britain should stop the false report on the situation of human rights and democracy in Vietnam.

Phạm Hiếu 23/4/14 14:14

Including the hostile forces, Huy Lam.

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